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Why You Should Be Focused On A Good UX First

UX design refers to the way people feel when interacting with your website or digital product. There are many aspects to user experience and many key elements that impact it. Some of these elements may be manipulated by designers and developers while others can’t. User preference and certain environmental elements are uncontrollable but can often be important. UX encompasses aesthetics, performance, usability, utility and basically any other human interaction. It is all about the connection and emotion a user experience while interacting with a digital product or website.

UX is perhaps as important to your website as navigation. People must be drawn to your site and they must understand how to interact with it if you want to see any results at all. If you are aiming for conversions or you want them to complete a call to action, then it is even more important. As a matter of fact, the more complex your website is, the more crucial good UX is to the site. Visitors must be comfortable navigating your site and interacting with it. Even if you own a retail site, you want consumers to enjoy their browsing session and ultimately make a purchase. Great UX means that your website is well organized and there are clear signals for visitors.


Great UX is one of the fundamental elements that define your brand online. It is often the first impression of your company for visitors and consumers. You only get one chance to make a first impression. In an oversaturated digital marketplace, that first impression is crucial to your success. If it isn’t a great one, then visitors will not be back. On the other hand, a great UX design can keep visitors around long enough to build trust and maybe even complete a call to action. They may sign up for a newsletter, make a purchase or even Share material that resonates with them. However, they will only be comfortable doing this if your site offers the right UX.

UX design is also one of the key elements that your site will build on as your business scales. A poor UX won’t be able to support growth. A poorly designed UX automatically creates a negative emotional connection with the user. That’s a bad place to be and it certainly won’t contribute to any of your site’s success. Collaborative design is the key to great UX, and it must be tested multiple times. You can’t test too much when it comes to UX. You want to ensure that the aesthetics and the usability work together to convey the expected outcome. They should also convey a message about your brand. UX and visual identity basically work in tandem, so they must be designed and addressed in tandem.


The key to a great UX design is to keep it user-centered. You’ve got to really know your audience and the pain points you are attempting to solve for them. You must also understand where they are coming from and why they may be experiencing these problems. Your UX design and visual application must show that. The thing is that user experience is different for everyone and there are multiple variables. This means that there is no one blanket answer or process that is right for every designer or site owner. However, working in tandem with your visual identity and your brand message will help keep you on the path to creating an awesome UX for visitors. Keep UX at the core of your design and your brand identity and you can’t go wrong.

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