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What Is Public Relations And Why Is It Essential To Your Business’s Success?

To thrive as a small business in today’s always-on world, you need press coverage. But, unfortunately, coverage doesn’t just happen magically — you need to work for it.

Though many organizations understand that PR is a great way to build on their marketing strategies and improve their online reputation, very few know how or why certain companies invest so much time and effort into developing an aggressive PR plan that keeps them on top of the news cycle.

When used correctly, PR can make or break a company – giving it the power to overcome almost any obstacle, and as an agency specializing in PR, our goal is to send the right message to the right outlets and people, to help strengthen and build our clients brand messaging.

Most business executives classify PR as a free advertising opportunity; this could not be farther from the truth. PR placement is never free, and placement is not easy. Getting featured in a magazine or newspaper is a dream for many small business owners. They would love nothing more than to see their companies listed in stories alongside giants like Google and Microsoft, but they can’t ever seem to get journalists to give them the time of day.

What they don’t understand is that building reliable media contacts and opportunities for a client is a time consuming, a labor-intensive effort that doesn’t happen overnight. Week after week, a journalist receives thousands of media pitches from individuals looking for that one little mention. A pitch from an unknown source or offering nothing usable is noise to a journalist and only makes it harder to get that mention you need to grow your business.

This is where a PR professional with existing media contacts and a talent for crafting the perfect press release become necessary tools in helping to secure coverage opportunities for you and your business.

In any industry, trust plays a massive role in determining whether a business will be successful. A lack of confidence could mean that a brand loses opportunities for sales. However, when they hire a public relations team, their sole focus is on increasing their client’s credibility by improving the organization’s reputation through the placement of thought-leadership pieces, influencer connections, and networking strategies.

PR can be a gateway to new, creating new opportunities to showcase your expertise and insights while creating a plethora of third-party endorsements that support digital ad placements and advertising campaigns.

At Growth Ledge Agency, we utilize a variety of communications tools to create a 360-degree advertising and marketing campaign our clients. This typically includes strong brand imagery and messaging, targeted digital and social media advertising, and a variety of storylines about the company to amplify the effectiveness of your overall advertising plan.

Give us a call today to start targeting your audience effectively with Growth Ledge Agency.

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