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What Is Brand Fatigue And Should You Be Concerned With It?

Ever been so annoyed with an advertisement that you literally didn’t care what you were doing, that you just stopped doing it? You could have been jamming out to some music, reading an article, visiting a website, looking through Facebook, or watching videos on YouTube. Whatever it was, you were done with it. Well, guess what? That is call brand fatigue and you aren’t the only person who has ever experienced it. In fact, if you aren’t careful, you could be causing brand fatigue without even knowing it.

Brand Fatigue: A Little Deeper

So, now you have a basic understanding of brand fatigue, but let’s dig down a little deeper. Brand fatigue is when your audience has heard/seen so much from you that they actually ignore your advertisements (which is bad). In fact, even if they do see/hear the advertisements, they’ve already cut you off and your message is useless. On top of that, your money is just being thrown away too.
Avoiding brand fatigue is not an exact science, but there are ways to stay away from it.

Tips For Staying Away From Brand Fatigue

1. Customize Your Advertisements

The one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. Everyone is different in some way, so you need to customize your message so that it seems like you are speaking directly to them. Or better yet, make it like you are having a conversation directly to a single person. Your messages should be unique, with an actual tag/hook that relates to your audience.

2. Speak Directly To Your Audience

This was just mentioned above, but it bears repeating again. You have to speak to your audience directly. Too many advertisements seem like they are just hoping that they get enough attention to pay for themselves. This is not your goal. Instead, you want your audience to get excited, to see value in your company and your products, and to ultimately want to come in. Speak to them, not to a microphone and see what a difference that makes.

3. Be Different Than All The Other Advertisements

While the wheel is good in practicality, there are some differences between a $50.00 wheel and a $400.00 wheel. The quality, craftsmanship, warranty, lifespan, and so on improve on what has already worked. Sure, radio advertisements and banner advertisements work, but how effectively? Is there something that you can do different, to separate yourself from your competition, that is unique? Start thinking!

4. Don’t Get In Their Way

And finally, don’t be intrusive. No one likes to be caught off guard or in the middle of something important. If your message interrupts the audience, they probably will disregard your message. It is better to get in front of the music/video or behind the music/video. Don’t let your advertisements be used on spammy websites. Be in control of how you are viewed by the audience.
Brand fatigue is real and you should be concerned with it. Your advertising budget is directly tied to positive conversion numbers. If your advertisements aren’t converting very well, it could be that you are treading the thin line between effective advertising and brand fatigue.

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