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Using The Google Adwords Search Network To Boost Your Online Visibility

The Google Adwords search network is vast, but it is not difficult to penetrate. If this is sounding a little Greek to you, its okay. The Google Adwords network is split up into two categories, one being search and the other being display. The search network is the search results displayed by Google that businesses often pay to advertise on. Business’s ads display in search results for related keywords. The display network is just a vast network of sites across the internet that businesses can pay to advertise on. Google’s Adwords search network can be extremely beneficial for advertising, conversions and brand awareness. The Google Adwords search network is a fantastic way to boost your online visibility for many reasons. 

Active Searchers

With Google Adwords search network you are targeting active searchers. They are actively searching for information and will likely be much more receptive to your brand, especially if you are targeting the right keywords. See these campaigns are different because you aren’t trying to get someone to purchase immediately. You are putting your business in front of them at the precise moment they are the most likely to be searching for what you have. Even if these people don’t purchase from your website right away, the next time they are searching for that particular product or service they are more likely to think of your company first. Studies show that effective advertising with Google Adwords search networks could potentially raise brand awareness by as much as eighty percent. That is a lot of important exposure.

Use the Extensions

The Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising on the search network offers optional extensions. They allow you to use extensions with additional links, phone numbers, addresses and more. These extensions are a fabulous way to boost visibility on the search network. For instance, the address or map extension may make your establishment easier to find in a local search. A link extension can also take visitors directly to a conversion page if they are ready to pull the trigger. If someone is actively searching for something very specific, a phone number extension can allow them to call you directly and make that first important contact. Using the available extensions with your Google Adwords campaign offers you, will help increase your exposure and open the first all-important point of contact. If a visitor searches a map or calls your company, then your company name is going to resonate with them in the future. 


You get to target keywords for your Google Adwords campaign to help control your visibility. Your ads will appear in the search results when people search keywords or phrases relevant to those in your campaign. The great news is that you get to use more than one keyword in your campaign to increase your visibility in the search results. Google allows you to use twenty keywords or more in each campaign. Of course, using that many really isn’t as beneficial as people think it would be. The best way to go is to focus on five to ten really strong keywords and keyword variations. This will get your business maximum exposure. When you use more than ten keywords, you run the risk of appearing in searches that aren’t really relevant. The main idea is to focus your efforts. Use the Google keyword planner. Its free and it what could be better for finding your keywords than a tool they provide you. It will also suggest keywords and variations which can be very helpful. This is the best way to boost your business’s online visibility with Google’s Adwords search network.

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