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Using Email Drip Campaigns To Re-Hook Old Customers

It’s no secret that email marketing offers the highest return on investment. That is not likely to change any time soon. Everyone has an email. Most people check it many times throughout the day. The thing is that email subscribers depreciate like cars. Yes, it’s true. You’ve probably never heard it put quite like that before. You see, email campaigns lose an average of twenty-five per cent of opt-ins every year. That’s a ton of depreciation! Additionally, others go dormant. The ones who do stay won’t all be reading your emails. This put your campaign at risk of being flagged for spam. You have multiple reasons to re-engage users. You want them to convert and you want to protect the integrity of your campaign. Let’s look at some of the best techniques for re-engaging old customers with email drip campaigns.


Honesty is important in any campaign and customers value it. It is okay to tell them the truth. If you want them back, tell them. The thing is that you must be genuine in your approach and you must deliver incredible content. You want to leave them begging for more, especially if they’ve been dormant. Ensure that what you send them is relevant and priceless. Encourage them to click on a link somewhere so you know they’ve been there. Sometimes a freebie does the trick. It could be something as small as a recipe or a short infographic. People will come back if they feel valued. Sometimes, they’ll come back just because you asked. Encourage people to update their email preferences so you know they want to hear from you.


Make improvements to your methods and draw attention to them. It could be a pop of color or a new design. Perhaps you’ve made improvements to the products you offer. If you have, highlight that. Tell them why it’s more valuable than ever. People don’t mind change if its positive. Even if you’ve only added social sharing buttons, let them know. Encourage them to Share, Tweet, Post and Like. This will also help your exposure. It could get you some new subscribers in the process.


Always personalize emails. Pay special attention to the subject line. If you know the recipient’s name, use it. Personalizing re-engagement emails is of the utmost importance. You are trying to win back a customer, basically. You’ll want to send something valuable that is just for them. It’s part of letting them know that they do matter. It can be hard to convince someone how important they are to your business if you don’t even know their name. Don’t be afraid to use emojis. People love them.


Re-engagement emails should always be segmented because it allows more personalization. Don’t just group all inactive subscribers into one category. Segment them by age, or location, or hobbies or anything else relevant to your business. Perception is different for everyone. Understand this and utilize it to win back dormant subscribers. Segmenting them based on preferences allows you to forge a deeper connection. Many times, that connection will be stronger than ever, if you get that far. It takes work, but it can be done successfully. Intelligent techniques can slow depreciation of your email campaign clients. You don’t have to lose twenty-five per cent of them annually, but it is the average. You can shrink that number with effective email drip campaigns that re-hook dormant subscribers.

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