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Using A/B Testing To Maximize Advertisement Conversions

In the marketing world, getting the best bang for your buck should be your top priority. If you are taking a shotgun approach, you are missing more than you are hitting. In turn, you are wasting valuable resources. In order to maximize your advertisement conversions, you should look into A/B testing.

A/B testing is nothing new, but it seems to be cast aside for newer, more trendy ideas. And yet, some of the most successful advertising campaigns are built on A/B testing. So, what is A/B testing and why should you be using it?

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is taking an already converting advertisement campaign and tweaking it, finding out what converts better. So, getting down into the deeper details, let’s use an example.


Converting AdvertisementB-Test Advertisement
 Find The Right Socks For YouFind the right socks for you, at the right prices at Find The Perfect Socks For Your FeetFind the right socks for you, at the right prices at
Conversion Rate: 1 of 10Conversion Rate: 1.2 of 10


Now, you can do a b-test on these results, changing things such as the title, the content, the way you link, the imaging, and so on. Ultimately, you want to find out what works the most effectively for your advertising campaign.So, as you can see here, the initial advertisement title was “Find The Right Socks For You” and the b-test advertisement title was “Find The Perfect Socks For Your Feet”. After doing some tests, you found out that the b-test title was more effective at converting visitors that the initial advertisement. So, in this example the b-test advertisement was more effective.

Why Is A/B Testing Worth It?

So, why is A/B testing worth it? In the above example, you only gained .2 out of 10 conversions, but let’s do a little multiplication to see why this matters.

Let’s say that you want to reach 100,000 potential customers in this advertisement campaign. If we expand that data, we see that the .2 actually converts to 2,000 customers. Here’s the breakdown:


1 of 10

x 10,000

= 10,000

1.2 of 10

x 10,000

= 12,000


Let’s assume that the average profit per customer is $7.95. If we look at the numbers, 2,000 more customers would equate to (2,000 x $7.95 = $15,900 in more profits). That’s $15,900 more for simply changing the title of the advertisement.

The Returns Are There

A/B Testing is exceptionally effective when properly implemented. You cannot take an ineffective advertising campaign and make it work in this example. You should already have a working advertisement campaign that is converting to start with. Otherwise, the b-test results will always show a positive return.

At times, doing A/B testing can be frustrating, which is why a lot of companies have started trusting their marketing agencies for this. A marketing agency has the experience and knowledge to know what will work, what won’t work, so they won’t be wasting time or money trying to get the best results. Instead, they’ll find a way to eek out the best conversions possible.

If you’re ready to see a better return on your marketing campaigns, then it is time to start incorporating A/B testing.


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