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A vast majority of Americans use social media, and over 20 percent of Americans use it multiple times per day. That is a considerable audience, and if you are trying to create a brand or inspire brand awareness, it is too large of an audience to overlook. Even narrowing things down to a target market still leaves an incredibly colossal audience ripe for the picking. Social media is by and large one of the best platforms for brand marketing if you do it correctly. There are some simple techniques that streamline your brand marketing efforts and others that can run it into the ground. Unfortunately, too many businesses take this leap of faith without the proper research and end up killing their business right out of the gates. Here are some compelling brand marketing techniques that yield quality results on social media platforms.

Be Consistent

Once you create a brand persona or image, be consistent across all channels. If your image has blue and gold colors, don’t post it with different colors on other platforms. Consistency is the key to recognition. For instance, The Coca-Cola brand uses red and white, and you will find these colors somewhere in almost all of their posts no matter the platform. Creativity is good, but you want to remain loyal to your brand image if you want people to recognize it.

Choose The Right Outlet

This also boils down to knowing your target market. If your company is B2B, then you will want to focus heavily on platforms like LinkedIn. Two-thirds of users on Google+ are men in technical fields. You must know your market and where to find them. If your target market is men in the technical field, then you don’t want to concentrate your efforts on Pinterest in the beginning. Diversity is not discouraged, but if you’re going to build brand recognition, then you have got first to concentrate your efforts on your target market and get their attention.

Support Your Image With Shareable Content

First, if you are running a brand marketing strategy, then you need to provide valuable content relevant to your brand. That is a given. However, you must also ensure that the content you provide is highly shareable and it supports your brand image. Being relevant and promoting the brand image are two different things. Once you understand the difference, you can concentrate on creating awesome content. People love sharing great content, and it is one of the best ways to build brand awareness.

Leverage Influencer Support

Influencer outreach is one of the most effective and efficient strategies for creating brand awareness. Read the numbers and find out what is trending in your industry and look to see who is on top of it. Who is the current go-to person on social media for all things in your industry? Reach out to this person and try to leverage their influence to your advantage. You may have to offer them something in return, such as free products or services. If they are truly an influencer, then reaching their audience will be well worth the trade. With their help, your brand recognition could skyrocket in a matter of days.

Use these four simple techniques to build a brand on social media. Keep your image consistent across all platforms and choose the right outlet to reach your target market. Use highly shareable content, support your image and leverage influencer support to build your brand. Before you know it people in your industry will be recognizing your brand and it will show in your revenues.

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