Don’t Ignore Social Media In Your Marketing Strategy

Any great marketing strategy includes a social media aspect. The numbers are in and the reach of social media is undisputed. It is also global. There are multiple social media platforms and different ways to run a social media marketing campaign. For instance, some platforms are visual heavy while others tend to focus more on engagement. However, overlooking Read more

Optimizing YouTube Videos
Optimizing YouTube Videos and Grow Your Audience

YouTube is one of the fastest growing content platforms, and it is a fantastic marketing tool with amazing potential. Anyone can have a channel and upload videos. However, if you are marketing and using YouTube to monetize then you need a growing audience.  You’ll need to know how to promote your YouTube videos. You can have the most Read more

Email Marketing List
Beef Up Your Email Marketing List With Social Media

Social media is all the rave, and email marketing has the highest ROI of all digital marketing avenues.  So it makes sense to combine the two strategies. You can use social media to grow your email marketing list.  And if done correctly, they will feed off each other.  You will see exponential returns if done correctly.  The list of possibilities is far too vast to touch on each one in this article. Read more

Social Media Marketing
Powerful Content Types For Shareable Social Media Marketing

The digital ecosystem is constantly buzzing with activity and any sensible social media marketer knows that content is key to getting a piece of the pie. Social media is evolving so quickly that it takes new and relevant strategies to stand out and gain attention. Brand consistency across platforms is important, but it does not translate into content consistency. The content used for marketing on different social media platforms must be powerful as well as relevant and must be formatted to perform best on the specific platform where it is posted. Read more

Facebook Marketing
The 3 Mega-Effective Marketing Tactics You Need to Win with Facebook Marketing

You can get your message into the eyes and ears of a lot more people if you use Facebook marketing tactics to share it. That is the modern way to put your content into the world, a practice that can enable your ideas to make a more significant impact and generate a more substantial profit for your organization. Top performers everywhere are tapping into Facebook marketing as a new resource. Read more