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Brand Fatigue

What Is Brand Fatigue And Should You Be Concerned With It?

Ever been so annoyed with an advertisement that you literally didn’t care what you were doing, that you just stopped doing it? You could have been jamming out to some music, reading an article, visiting a website, looking through Facebook, or watching videos on YouTube. Whatever it was, you were done with it.

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Staying Out Of The Coding Web And Focus On What You Know The Most

As a business owner, YOUR website is your baby. It is the digital storefront that all of your online visitors will see. Keeping it up-to-date and fresh is not an option, it is a requirement. And, if you are the one keeping it so fresh and so clean, you understand how time consuming this can …

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Marketing Is More Than SEO And Pretty Images

Anyone who owns a business typically understands how important marketing is. SEO and visual content are a vital part of your marketing strategy. They are also like peanut butter and jelly. They can stand alone but something is always missing. A great marketing strategy includes both SEO and visual content. However, it takes more than …

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Online Advertising

Has Paid Promotion Replaced SEO?

SEO has long been the backbone of online business applications. It encompasses everything we know about driving traffic through search engine optimization. The thing is that there are consistent algorithm updates and releases that can affect your traffic flow. Site owners spend countless hours optimizing for the search engines and many times do not get

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How Google AdWords Drives Leads To Your Business

Google Adwords is a fantastic medium to grow your online presence and increase brand awareness. Google is the search engine giant that fuels the internet. So, it only stands to reason that using their services puts your business front and center. Over ninety-seven percent of Google’s massive revenue stream comes from Adwords customers.

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