Digital Marketing
Putting Your Money In The Right Digital Marketing Hands

Digital marketing changes constantly. It seems that every advance in technology brings a new marketing horizon. It can be difficult to find and afford a digital marketing professional who brings results. It is important that they can consistently deliver a return on your investment. Is that even possible in the digital marketplace? Sure, it is but it isn’t easy to Read more

Writing An Awesome Call-To-Action People Must Click

A call-to-action is an absolute necessity on any piece of marketing material, digital or in print. Making it irresistible is key. People must have a reason to say yes. In today’s digital economy it is far too easy for people to abandon carts without paying and forgo that newsletter you put so much time into. Herding cats on horseback Read more

Digital Marketing
5 Steps To Creating Titles That Nearly Force Customers To Click

In today’s world of digital marketing, people are bombarded with information. They are on information overload, and it can be difficult to garner attention with just a headline. Studies show that on average only about twenty percent of people who see a headline will read the article. So, what do you do? First, you must ensure that your SEO campaign is on point so that the twenty percent represents a large number. Read more