Has Paid Promotion Replaced SEO?

SEO has long been the backbone of online business applications. It encompasses everything we know about driving traffic through search engine optimization. The thing is that there are consistent algorithm updates and releases that can affect your traffic flow. Site owners spend countless hours optimizing for the search engines and many times do not get Read more

Dormant Content
How To Ensure That Dormant Content Isn’t Killing Your Site

The age of technology is fascinating, but it isn’t evergreen which is to say that it changes continuously. In fact, it’s changing so fast that content has quite a short shelf life. The average lifespan of posted content is about a week. If it is just absolutely fantastic material, then it may live a month but don’t count on it. Suffice Read more

Social Media Marketing
Powerful Content Types For Shareable Social Media Marketing

The digital ecosystem is constantly buzzing with activity and any sensible social media marketer knows that content is key to getting a piece of the pie. Social media is evolving so quickly that it takes new and relevant strategies to stand out and gain attention. Brand consistency across platforms is important, but it does not translate into content consistency. The content used for marketing on different social media platforms must be powerful as well as relevant and must be formatted to perform best on the specific platform where it is posted. Read more

SEO Strategy
How To Use Guest Posting To Maximize Your SEO Strategy

Maximizing your SEO strategy is just common sense. It’s kind of part of the “do it right” thing your mom tried to instill. However, guest posting is a great way to really take your SEO strategy to the next level, if you do it properly. That means utilizing best practices and maintaining a high degree of excellence. In addition to that, you can’t use guest posting exclusively to build all your backlinks. Read more

Marketing Trends
What You Need to Know About Marketing Trends in 2018

As 2018 gets into full swing, the breakneck pace of change in the world of marketing continues. While it can be a little overwhelming to try to keep track of everything, it is worthwhile to pause occasionally and take a close look at the major trends that appear.  And the beginning of the year is the perfect time to do so. Identifying these trends and doing what you can to take advantage of them is a vital part of successful marketing for your business. Read more