Your website design is the lifeblood of your business. It encompasses everything from conception to visualization and beyond. This means everything from user experience to graphic design and search engine optimization is important right from the start. However, the most crucial aspect of your website design and development is how you get from conception to visualization. This will determine what sets your website apart from the tens of thousands of others on the internet. It determines what your visitors see, how they perceive it and their first impression of your company. Website design and development incredibly important for all businesses. Even if your business has a physical location, it needs a website to compete. The website must be inviting, productive and user-friendly. It must appease the audience as well as the search engines. It should call out to visitors and guide them through the sales journey to becoming loyal repeat customers. It represents everything about your business. Even low functioning websites that are thin on content are like online billboards. Visitors notice everything, and everything sends a message. You can’t trust your website design and development to just anyone. This directly impacts how well your business will function online, or how it won’t.

Website Design & Development

Website Design

Website design

This is what gives your website credibility. Website design is more than just graphics. It encompasses everything from conceptualizing the theme to formatting and conveying information. It involves structuring electronic files in an inviting and user-friendly format. This format needs to be interactive and easy to navigate. This will help visitors find information quickly and enjoy using the site. Our website design offers an appealing concept that attracts search engines as well as visitors. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your website looks if people can’t find it. There are other important website components besides formatting designs such as fonts, graphics, and colors. A great website design also incorporates certain structural components. These structural components allow the search engine spiders to crawl your website and index it properly. They can also help avoid certain issues that could cripple your site even before it gets off the ground. When it comes to website design, everything matters from page load speed to links and images. You yield better results by having your website designed properly from the beginning. A great design strategy should acknowledge these things from the beginning. It can be exhausting and difficult to correct these issues once your website has been built.

Website Content

Website content

Website content is perhaps the second most important element behind the design. Content includes text, images, sounds, video, and animation. It is basically anything that conveys information on your website. There are many reasons why the content on your website is so important. After all, it is what draws people to your site in the first place. Another reason that content is vital to your website is because it represents your company. If your content is sloppy and confusing, then that is the audience’s first impression of your business. In search engine optimization it is said that content is key, and it really is. Your content needs to convey valuable information that compels people to take action. Whether that action is making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter, it all starts with content. We understand how important content is to your website. It is the backbone for your business. From the way it is formatted all the way down to how visitors perceive it, it all matters. There is no part of your content that is
unimportant or doesn’t send some sort of message. We focus on strong, valuable content that is based on action. We turn that content into one of your website’s most critical features.



E-commerce is basically a digitally-based purchasing market. It refers to the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. It is an extremely valuable and profitable industry if approached correctly. There are many pitfalls that can be avoided early on in the e-commerce when designing your website. It is important to know these things and plan for them from the beginning. For instance, if you are in e-commerce you must consider payments types. You must know what type of payments you will accept online and prepare for them. You must do more than making a decision. You need to have the proper software to accept certain digital payments, such as credit cards and PayPal or others. You must be aware of the requirements and limitations of each source. Additionally, you must have the proper software elements necessary to make them work. You need to consider shipping costs, abandoned carts and remarketing because it is all part of e-commerce. Privacy, security, copyright, and taxation are also important elements that you must prepare for. There are various crucial components involved which directly impact your bottom line. This makes the proper research in the website design and development stage a fundamental necessity. Skipping this step could prove costly down the road.



WordPress is a content management system that supports web content and online forums. It supports plug-ins, templates and mailing lists among other things. The WordPress software can be installed on a server or used as part of a hosting service. This system uses a template processor which allows users to switch between design themes and functions without altering the code. Content may be edited in HTML or with a variety of other user-friendly applications. The plug-in architecture gives users the ability to fully customize specific components. This may be search engine optimization, navigation bars, client portals or other things. This SEO friendly software also supports post tagging and clean permalink structure. Some applications allow users to perform many important site management functions from their mobile device. This is incredibly convenient for busy people on the go. The system offers responsive mobile templates that display well across all screen types. There are also more than forty-five thousand available plug-ins. This is some of the strongest, most supported and most functional systems available for those choosing to conduct online business. It can support everything from small blogs to large integrated news sites. Over thirty percent of online content is currently displayed using WordPress. The system is consistently updated, and monthly meetups are conducted worldwide for WordPress users.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

WordPress currently offers more than forty-five thousand plug-ins which extend the custom functions and features users have grown to expect. Each plug-in does something different and they allow site owners and content creators to specifically customize their sites. They simplify site monetization and help appease the search engines. These plug-ins also offer a way for site owners to specifically target their audience. For instance, a plug-in can be used to offer a client portal. This portal can be used to display personal information once a client has logged in. There are plug-ins available for everything from
the display language to antispam software and behind the scenes analytics. The plug-ins utilized within each individual site extend the features and characters of the site itself. WordPress offers a hook system that is divided into two categories. There are more than three hundred action and filter hooks which support these incredible plug-ins. While some people do choose to build their own plug-ins, most choose to utilize those that are currently available. Creating a functional plug-in can be difficult. One must learn the WordPress software and the hook system first. These plug-ins can typically be downloaded and installed manually or through the use of the WordPress dashboard.

Conversion Ready Websites

Conversion Ready Websites

A conversion rate is typically measured as a percentage. It is the number of people who actually make a purchase compared to the number of visitors on a site. A conversion ready website is critical in today’s digital marketplace. Without a conversion ready website, there is no monetization and no profits to enjoy. Websites are great, but if they are not conversion ready then they are nothing more than a colorful digital brochure. Understanding this is the first step toward online success and monetization through e-commerce or another avenue. Your website should be sales ready. It should attract qualified leads and potential clients from the start. Your site should be designed with your audience in mind, from the graphics to the content displayed. Content should be formatted in a manner that guides visitors and potential clients along their sales journey. It should point them right to conversion. It should provide some type of valuable solution and clarity for the audience while still being manageable for you. One common mistake is not understanding this from the time of inception. A website should be designed much like a spider. The target audience represents the body of the spider. All the content and structure should center around the target audience or potential client. A conversion ready website is ultimately stronger and easier to scale as your business grows.

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