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The Right Way To Use Your Social Media Presence To Promote Your Business

Social media is one of the easiest ways to promote your online business.  Therefore, many businesses looking to improve their social media presence.  And yet, it can also be one of the most damaging to your online presence if misused. Some rules will guarantee success while using social media to promote your business. What is the right way to use social media to help your business? Below are a few ways to use social media correctly.

Indexable Does Not Mean Indexed

Google rank sites based on many factors.  One of these factors incorporates pages from other sites that backlink to a specific website. When it comes to social media, every facet of a particular social networking site is considered a separate page. On Twitter, for example, every tweet is a page. Those pages may backlink to a website or they may not. But either way, it doesn’t matter to Google’s search algorithm.

Why?  Because not every page that’s indexable will be indexed.

Google is by no means trying to index every single page on the internet. Web pages are not considered to be equal in value to search engines.  The algorithms used by Google to index pages filter out pages that are of less importance. Social media produces way more content than other types of sites. In doing so, it gives more clutter for the algorithm to ignore.

What does this mean for businesses with social media accounts? Not much.  The search engine ranking algorithm does not factor social media.  But that does not say social media is a useless tool. It allows business to connect with potential customers, thereby generating more brand recognition and loyalty.  It also helps drive traffic to your blog or website.  Your ranking with Google can improve with increased traffic from an improved social media presence.

Social Media Sites Are Shifty

Social media website can block the bots that search engines use to crawl sites and determine value of the website. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and every other social media site available can inadvertently prevent these bots from doing their jobs. Therefore, social media doesn’t enable search engines to crawl every page.

What does this mean for social media and search engine optimization? Well, social media isn’t a contributing factor to the current ranking system just because of issues like this. Google cannot always rely on social networking sites to enable access.  Google indexes roughly 4% of social media content, none of which factor into the current ranking system.

Social media sites often have follower counts that matter a lot to businesses.  That doesn’t mean they are considered to be relevant by search engines. Search engines have a hard to verifying the validity and ensuring accuracy when it comes to follower counts. It’s hard for bots to determine whether or not a certain number of followers is essential. Because Google does not crawl every page of social media sites, it cannot confirm the validity of these connections. Therefore, these connections are considered irrelevant in the search engine algorithm.

Correlation Does Not Equal Causation

In the recent past, some studies showed a correlation between social media popularity and search engine rankings. Likes on Facebook, Twitter, and other such sites seemed to be related to how well sites ranked on search engine results.

Websites that tend to get high social engagement might end up with more top rankings, but that is because of audience interest. Links, organic traffic, dwell time, and other such factors tend to be higher when a business or website has a significant social media presence.

Building your social media presence is a great way to influence rankings and search engine optimization goals positively. People tend to shy away from companies that lack social media presence, deeming them illegitimate or otherwise sketchy.  Social media is an essential part of any effective marketing strategy.

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