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Putting Your Money In The Right Digital Marketing Hands

Digital marketing changes constantly. It seems that every advance in technology brings a new marketing horizon. It can be difficult to find and afford a digital marketing professional who brings results. It is important that they can consistently deliver a return on your investment. Is that even possible in the digital marketplace? Sure, it is but it isn’t easy to find. Digital marketing professionals can be costly. They combined art and science with technology to foster results for your business. Business owners often first review a digital marketer’s resume. That’s a great start if you can interpret everything on it. How can you tell if someone is good at something you don’t understand yourself? It’s a catch twenty-two. However, there are some specific strategies and characteristics shared by the top digital marketers in the business. Learning about them can help ensure that your next digital marketer is near genius status, or at least knows what they are doing.

Someone Who Understands Numbers

Some people are numbers people, and some aren’t. The thing is that digital marketing can’t be effective without proper analysis. The proper analysis involves reading and interpreting numbers. It is more than regurgitation. A great digital marketer lives by the numbers and understands how to build a marketing strategy around them. You don’t necessarily have to be a numbers person, but your digital marketer should be. A computer can spit the reports out, but it takes a brilliant mind to interpret the data and isolate trends. This single character trait can save a ton of frustration and make you a lot of money.

They Should Be A Social Media Whiz

No, this doesn’t mean they should have x number of friends on Facebook. Social media advertising is at an all-time high. It is so incredibly effective because of its global reach. A great digital marketer will understand how to analyze the granular data and boost engagement. They will be able to use insights to target audiences with hyper-personalized content that moves them through the conversion funnel. Social ads offer incredible returns when executed properly. However, it takes a social mind to know when to use these platforms, how to structure social ads and how to boost engagement.

Choose One Who Communicates with Visual Assets

Content may be King but visual assets sell. You want your digital marketing expert to understand this and embrace it. Visuals are more than just pretty pictures. They communicate messages and even tell stories. Visual content includes everything from static images, videos and infographics to animation. Relevant images boost engagement on every platform. They get shared, liked and tweeted. Eventually, they spur conversions. Almost every online conversion stems from some type of image somewhere. It is that incredibly important. If your digital marketing manager doesn’t understand that, then you are dead in the water before you start. Visual content is an asset and it should be treated as such. If you want to put your money in the right digital marketing hands, then look for these three characteristics first. If your digital marketing manager doesn’t have these three credentials, then keep looking. They are out there and they are highly successful.

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