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Powerful Content Types For Shareable Social Media Marketing

The digital ecosystem is constantly buzzing with activity and any sensible social media marketer knows that content is key to getting a piece of the pie. Social media is evolving so quickly that it takes new and relevant strategies to stand out and gain attention. Brand consistency across platforms is important, but it does not translate into content consistency. The content used for marketing on different social media platforms must be powerful as well as relevant and must be formatted to perform best on the specific platform where it is posted. So what type of content outperforms static marketing content on social media sites? Here are a few worthy of honorable mention.


User-generated content is always a powerful engagement tool. It gives visitors that warm fuzzy feeling you want them to have and associate with your brand. Posting user-generated content is a great way to communicate with the audience and let them know that you care. It is also a great way to build trust. User-generated content typically performs best on Instagram and Facebook. All you need to do is find content that features your product or that was created with your product, by users, and post implement it into your social media strategy. You’ll get some buzz as long as you don’t forget to credit the users who created it when you post.

New Radio

Podcasts are the new radio and they garner a lot of attention on Facebook and Twitter. People love podcasts because they are listening on demand and on-demand appeals to most. You can’t upload audio-only files to either of these sites so if you want to share a Podcast you must get creative. Create a static image, something interesting and relevant of course, then lay the podcast audio over the top of it. Then you can upload the entire file as a video and link to the official podcast underneath. Keep in mind that podcasts typically work better as a series.

Livestream Videos

If you are promoting on Facebook, you probably already know that livestreaming is an absolute must. Livestreaming is available now on Instagram in many places around the world but there is no option to view it later. However, this feature often attracts a bigger audience.

People love watching live feeds and you can choose whether you want others to be able to view it later. If the content is great, it will do well. There is an aura of the unknown with livestreaming and that is part of what visitors love. It also brings a great deal of transparency to the game because it is hard to hide stuff on livestream video. It builds trust and synergism with the audience and they will reward you with engagement.

Virtual Reality

With all the hype about artificial intelligence right now, VR content is attracting a lot of attention from audiences. VR content will inspire a lot of engagement on multiple platforms. Of course, you either need to hire someone or invest in a 360 VR camera but it will pay for itself in short order. Virtual reality video content performs very well on Facebook and YouTube right now and audiences love sharing it. Great VR content has a higher potential of going viral than other forms.

Of course, there are other types of marketing content such as infographics, but these are the top four in terms of performance and engagement. Next time you start to post static marketing content for your business ask yourself if one of the above types would be better suited to deliver the message. You will certainly see better results almost immediately.

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