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Powerful Backlink Strategies That Bring Organic Traffic

Link building is an essential aspect of any SEO strategy. It is undoubtedly challenging and perhaps the single most important ranking factor aside from keywords. A recent study of one million SERPS found that the number of domains linking to a page affected rankings more than any other aspect.  Google algorithms still look to back-links to help with optimizing a website, although some will say it’s being phased out. Others say that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to external linking and that is true to a point.  Two decades later link quality and quantity is more important than ever if you want to rank in the SERPs and drive tons of organic traffic. So how do you build powerful and effective backlinks? Read on to find out.

Make Sure Your Links Are Relevant

It is important that the links you use are relevant if you want them to bring you traffic. Aside from that the search-bots look for relevance when determining your rankings in the SERPs. There are three main things that they consider relevant when crawling your site for links. They consider the content itself on the linking page, the relevancy of the backlinks hitting the domain and the general theme of the linking domain. This is why many people stress quality over quantity. It is more important, and it directly affects where your site appears in the SERPs.

Keep Your Links Clean

You want your backlinks to be as clean as you can get them. This means that you must thoroughly inspect the site you are considering linking to and see where all the links go. You want to make sure the sites are trustworthy and that you are not using blackhat tactics.  If that doesn’t make sense, consider this. You find a great site with a lot of traffic and somehow get a backlink from it. Somewhere deep in this site’s pages lies a few links to a questionable gambling site. When the search-bots add everything up, you will not rank as high as you could have.

Place Your Links Well

When your link is published in the middle of content on a page, they are far more valuable than links which appear in say a sidebar or a footer. The best way to control your link’s position is with guest posting. When you guest post on a site or blog, they typically allow you at least one link somewhere in the content or bio. Content is best, bio is second, and sidebars and footers are always last.

When guest posting for backlinks there are some things to consider. The content needs to be relevant to your site, or the backlink is useless in the eyes of the search-bots. The site you are guest posting on cannot exist only to publish guest posts. Additionally, the site should not contain exact match anchor text.

Shoot For Editorial Links

Editorial links are helpful for your ranking because they mean that your content adds value or because someone thought it was awesome. Creating a profile somewhere so that you can create a link to your site is not an editorial link. The search-bots will put far more weight on editorial links, especially if they are placed in the content somewhere. Keep this in mind when you are negotiating and building backlinks of your own.

These four strategies will help you build powerful backlinks that bring in tons of organic traffic.  Backlinks are important and relevant ranking indicators the search-bots look for and use. You should use them too and drive tons of organic traffic.

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