A software company looking to improve their sales funnel

The Problem

WhoKnows, Inc. is a software company looking to increase their inbound leads from B2B companies in the enterprise market as well as mid-size companies globally.

WhoKnows came to GLA to help them create a strategy to drive more leads and fill the top of the funnel.

What We Did!

In order to create a sales funnel for WhoKnows, GLA first spent time creating the content strategy. With their long and complicated sales cycle, it was critical to understand their buyer personas. Through this process they also defined the value proposition and brand messaging.

After creating their brand strategy, GLA created a 30-60-90 plan to understand the metrics for a successful sales funnel.

Once the strategy was in place, a content audit was conducted, and where necessary, new content was created for each buyer persona. The website also needed improvement to speak to each buyer persona and customer type.

Having laid the groundwork, GLA was able to create execute an inbound content strategy, SEO, and paid advertising driving new leads to their website and converting.

The Results

The new sales funnel, enabled their sales team to reach their goals with a steady stream of new leads to the top of their funnel.

They saw an increase of new leads by 20% in the first 90 days and over 60% in 120 days.

What Can We Do For You?!

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