Epic Venues

Looking for a solution to increase their online presense

The Problem

With two locations and a third opening soon, this wedding and corporate event venue was suffering from a split personality. With old fashioned websites, and a lack of branding, they struggled to find a cohesive strategy. SEO was NO, which means they weren’t rising to the top of the Google heap when potential clients searched for venues in their areas.

What We Did!

GLA started by revamping all three websites to give them a modern design with a brand identity, an easy to use interface and content that was rich with SEO possibilities. But a new website won’t drive sales if no one can find it, so we introduced a series of Google Ads campaigns to drive targeted, localized traffic to each of the three sites.

The Results

Epic Venues saw quick returns on the new strategy with revenue rising from $1m in 2018 to $1.4 million in just the first quarter of 2019. The team also benefited internally from the new websites as they helped set clear customer expectations which reduced the amount of time spent handling customer questions and complaints. Profits up, stress down – that’s the GLA way.

What Can We Do For You?!

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