Front Porch

Customer-centric and loving every minute of it

The Problem

When it comes to realtors, home buyers have a lot of choice but not a lot of direction as most real estate websites look alike. Front Porch realty had a mission of making each customer feel like their most valued customer, but their website didn’t reflect that.

What We Did!

GLA worked with Front Porch Realty to get clarity around their mission statement and their value proposition. Then, rather than using their website to sing their own praises, we had their shift to focus toward the real people they’ve helped over the years.

We interviewed past customers and built their stories into the website to create a unique customer-centric marketing pitch. Then we bolstered their SEO with carefully crafted content and a great user experience.

The Results

The updated content and SEO tweaks led to an increase in traffic to the site, but traffic is useless if it doesn’t convert. The new customer-centric focus and modern design led to an increase in conversions rising from 2% to 8% in a matter of months.

What Can We Do For You?

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