Looking to increase awareness of epilepsy and how the foundation can help.

This small non-profit came to us with big goals for raising epilepsy awareness in Northern California. By taking over their social media, GLA was able to get more targeted engagement with fewer posts, freeing up the non-profit’s small staff so they could spend one-on-one time with the community members they serve.

The Problem

The Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California is dedicated to the good work they do, but with limited manpower, they were never able to fully execute their wishlist of ideas because they had their hands full trying to keep up.

GLA stepped in to take over much of the day-to-day online tasks so Carlos and his team could concentrate on the dozens of face-to-face activities the foundation uses to raise money, spread awareness, and support the community.

Prior to hiring GLA, the Foundation was posting close to 500 pieces of social media content per month. That may sound like a good thing, but it was sapping their meager resources with little return, especially on the all-mighty Instagram. Wrong size images (on social, size matters), lack of hashtags, and content duplication left them struggling to connect with their target audience.

What We Did!

GLA developed a social media plan that took advantage of the types of content that work best on each channel while solidifying the overall look with more branded content and sharp graphics.

With cleaner, well-thought-out content, GLA was able to get the same engagement and impressions with a quarter of the content.

With social up and running, we turned our attention to helping the Foundation launch several big initiatives including branding, PR, and donation solicitation for their yearly gala and the buildout of a special Ironman for Epilepsy website that will follow one of their members as she trains for this epic challenge.

The Results

After only a few months, The Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California has a clear, well-branded, professional set of social media challenges. This type of clarity bolsters their reputation and sets them up as a source you can trust – so important for a non-profit.

With preparations for the yearly gala underway, to expect to see an increase in the number of tickets sold as well as the level of donations and publicity – thanks in large part to our in-house PR expert.

The best result is seeing the change in focus from Carlos and his team. Now that they have GLA to handle social and PR, they’ve been able to dedicate their talents to delivering much needed events and activities directly to the community they serve. Less stress, more time, and the ability to focus on what’s important is the greatest benefit any company can get from an outside agency.

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