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Agency Partner Success Story: Entrupy

Bay Area-based social media agency GLA is no stranger to turning awareness into action for its clients.

The company provides a range of services to brands across the country, from full-funnel social media strategy planning to market technology implementation and everything in between.

But it’s the ability of the growing digital agency to turn ambitions into real-world achievements that help create long-term partnerships with clients such as Entrupy.

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A Rich Partnership!

Entrupy is a hardware-enabled SaaS company that uses computer vision algorithms and microscopy to bring trust to transactions of high-value physical goods.

Currently in use by hundreds of secondary resellers and marketplaces worldwide, Entrupy provides the only scalable technology capable of authenticating luxury products from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermès, among others. The service launched in 2016, following four years of research led by Ashlesh Sharma, Vidyuth Srinivasan, and Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Professor at New York University.

One such example was a recent social element created by GLA launched to improve Entrupy’s LinkedIn channel by over 60% within the first 60 days.

In addition to expanding the brand’s fan base, the goal was to develop a deeper relationship with potential buyers while providing a vehicle to better define future marketing and customer care strategies.

The agency helped the company adopt an “always on” approach to building their organic presence and crafted effective posts that catch the eye of prospective customers and build relationships with existing customers through relevant content.

Audience Growth

Impression Growth

Message Growth

Engagement Growth

“Both the GLA and Entrupy’s teams were very pleased with the results of this campaign,” Joanne Hernon, CEO & GLA Partner said.

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