Getting their message straight was their priority.

The Problem

April Philips Design Works is a commercial landscape design company with a socially conscious message. The problem was, they didn’t know how to get their message across to clients who didn’t understand the importance of their work.

What We Did!

GLA helped APDW put together a content strategy that would show them as thought leaders in the area of sustainable landscape design. We also worked on their messaging and value proposition in order to lift them up above the average landscape company.

The Results

By raising their brand awareness and setting APDW up as the gold standard in sustainable landscape, the company became a desirable asset that was worth the extra cost and effort. In addition to swaying some of their current clients into thinking more sustainably, the clarity of their brand message attracted a whole new set of customers who already shared their interest in connecting people with nature.

What Can We Do For You?!

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