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Optimizing YouTube Videos and Grow Your Audience

YouTube is one of the fastest growing content platforms, and it is a fantastic marketing tool with amazing potential. Anyone can have a channel and upload videos. However, if you are marketing and using YouTube to monetize then you need a growing audience.  You’ll need to know how to promote your YouTube videos. You can have the most remarkable videos and it won’t matter if nobody is viewing them. So, the question is posed. How and where do you promote your YouTube videos to grow your audience and extend your reach? There are multiple places. In fact, there are far too many for the scope of this little article. However, the most popular avenues with the greatest potential can be easily pinpointed and here they are.

Your Own Blog

If you have a blog or a website, this is the first place to promote your channel or video. The best way to do it is with a post and in your profile. Don’t forget to optimize the post and add the link to your channel. If you are promoting across multiple social media sites, then add those links too. This lets people know you are proud of your work and you want them to see it. You’ll also want to open a comments section and be sure to respond regularly to communications from visitors.


Facebook is a huge platform with millions of users. That’s a lot of reach. If you have a YouTube channel, you should create a FanPage for it. Of course, you’ll have to post more than just videos. You’ll have to get creative and schedule between one to four posts per day. Be sure to be active in the Facebook community and mention your YouTube channel in your posts.

You may also want to do a little research about Facebook and YouTube as it is becoming more commonplace for Facebook to suppress YouTube links in users’ feed. Maybe you want to upload a video to Facebook highlighting short out-takes where you mention the name of your channel. You’ll have to get creative with this. People have even gone so far as to disguise the link with a shortened URL.


Pinterest is a very YouTube friendly platform. All you have to do is pin your YouTube video. If you will be promoting through Pinterest on a regular basis, for instance in you have a YouTube channel, then create a board for your channel. It would be wise to do some keyword research before naming your board. This will help unfamiliar visitors find your board. You will also want to include keywords in the description box. They give you five hundred characters to do this. Don’t forget, the keywords in the title and description box must flow naturally or your videos will be penalized. Don’t forget to link to your YouTube video. You can also link to your channel in your profile.


One great way to promote YouTube videos or a YouTube channel is to collaborate with another YouTube content creator. When you do this, your audience automatically grows because your reach expands to their audience too. You’ll want to choose someone in the same niche as you and be an active part of the YouTube community in general. As you become more active in the YouTube community, more people will be drawn to your channel.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of places to promote your YouTube videos. As you use these three avenues, don’t forget to capture leads via an opt-in button or another call-to-action. Build an email list and start an email marketing campaign for your YouTube videos. Before you know it, you will see opportunity everywhere you look.

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