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7 Tips to Delivering Killer Webinars

Delivering Killer Webinars

ReadyTalk surveyed of their customers found that between 20% to 40% percent of webinar attendees turned into qualified leads so when you have their attention, giving a compelling presentation is imperative.

However, 48% of people said that webinars were least enjoyable when there was a poor presenter. (Source: Redback Conferencing).  There are some simple things you can do to ensure that your webinar is well received:

  • Be sure to be somewhere quiet.  By now we’ve probably all seen the man who was on an online conference when his children came in the room.  This is an obvious one but a good reminder that you don’t want any interruptions.
  • Use noise canceling headsets.  Yes.  Another obvious one.
  • Try to sound natural but not dull.  Creating the right tone and pace for webinars can be challenging.  If you use your regular speaking voice, it could come across as monotone, and if you try to sound too excited, it can come across weird.  Believe me, I’ve fallen into this trap as well.
  • Stand up when delivering the webinar.  This can help your voice project better into the headset or microphone.
  • Smile when you are talking.  Even though you may not be doing a video webinar, smiling makes your voice sound more upbeat and friendly.
  • Don’t make statements sound like a question.  I hear this often when I’m providing sales coaching.  It’s a habit that many people do without noticing.  If you are making a statement, make the statement with strength in your voice.
  • End the webinar with a call to action.  Give the attendees a next step and way to get in touch with you.  You could provide a free assessment, trial or sample of your product or service so you can continue to move them along your buyers’ journey.

Webinars can become a fun part of your content calendar.  It’s a great way to mix up the content you are providing to your audience.  If you plan out at least one new informative webinar a month,  you’re sure to have a following and see a growth in your leads and sales.

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