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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

More than half of all search queries are performed from a mobile device or smartphone. So, it is inherently crucial that your site is mobile ready unless you prefer losing to your competitors. Google has gone to mobile first indexing and it seems that society has gone mobile first as well. The majority of goods and services purchased over the internet are done so on a mobile device. The bottom line is that being mobile ready means better rankings and more business. Whether your site is mobile ready relies heavily on software and configuration. If you are the site owner, then you likely already know.


Mobile-friendly used to be a viable option for websites with desktop versions. A mobile-friendly site is one that allows content to change when viewed from a mobile device. Users will still view a functioning website but it won’t be a desktop version. The problem with simply being mobile-friendly is that some aspects of the website can still be negatively impacted. In some instances, a mobile-friendly website can lead to a poor user experience. Now that the search engines have gone mobile first, mobile-friendly simply won’t cut the mustard. Different devices display in different aspect ratios. A mobile-friendly design will not be able to deliver on these different ratios.


Being mobile-responsive, on the other hand, means that you have a responsive template design. This type of template displays well across all screen types with all functions working properly. There should be no pinching, zooming or squinting to disrupt the user experience. The responsive template works with all aspect ratios on all devices, whether a smartphone or tablet. In fact, the Google search engine prefers websites with a responsive template to those with a mobile-friendly version. They typically result in more traffic, better rankings and higher conversions than their mobile-friendly counterparts.

Google’s Test My Site Tool

Google offers a free Test My Site tool which shows site owners which aspects of their mobile site need attention. It will work with mobile-friendly and responsive template designs. Its based on a 3G network and tests many different factors. It will report on things such as text readability, object sizing, JavaScript and compression. It will even test against other industry benchmarks in your niche. The tool will show you how many visitors you are potentially losing because of these issues and how your site stacks up against competitors. The final report will even display a list of most important corrections in descending order.



If your website isn’t mobile ready, then you are already behind the curve and it could be difficult to catch up. This isn’t a future trend. Mobile-ready sites are now mainstream. The search engines have gone mobile-first and it seems that society has followed. Almost everyone has a mobile device or smartphone. People use them to shop for everything and even to run their websites or blogs on the way to work. Being mobile ready is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. If your website isn’t mobile ready, it won’t survive. Believe it or not, even your rankings will suffer if your site isn’t mobile ready. You’ll notice a steady decline in traffic until there just isn’t any.

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