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Instagram’s Newest Brand Marketing Strategies You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Now that Facebook owns Instagram, there are some fantastic marketing features available which allow brands to connect with their audience. Instagram has over five hundred million daily active users which is an audience just too large to ignore. Many companies are focusing on their Instagram marketing strategy to get in front of these audiences.  Over eighty percent of these users follow at least one brand on Instagram, so companies are forced to use more intelligent strategies to become one of those brands. The competition is fierce, and the platform itself is evolving sending companies back to the drawing board to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. This year it is essential to optimize your presence and your content on Instagram, so here are a few tips on the newest brand marketing strategies to hit this evolving landscape.

Effortless Mobile Purchasing

Advertising is exploding on Instagram. This is why the platform added Instagram Shopping last year. This organic selling feature alone boasts more than three hundred million users already. Brands can post a photo with an added link that sends the user to a landing page where they can purchase the product in the photo. This really isn’t a new feature, but all the engagement spurred has given companies more flexibility to advertise on Instagram Stories. Brands have seen more responsive selling options with Instagram stories, but the catch is that the sale needs to be easily completed from a mobile phone. Companies that can funnel customers from Instagram Stories to a landing page that will convert effortlessly from a mobile device will take home the prize.

Targeted Hashtags

This strategy is a little simpler. As you know, hashtags have always been an effective way to grow an audience on Instagram. You can add up to thirty hashtags per post and you probably have a strategy for which ones to use. However, as of December 2017, users can actually follow specific hashtags allowing them to keep tabs on conversations via hashtag alone. What does this mean for the advertiser? Targeted hashtags can bring an entirely new element to your hashtag strategy. Instagram does show a list of which hashtags each user is following. If you wanted to get real strategic, you can use this feature to find a focused list of hashtags to use. To further optimize your strategy, use the related tags option because it shows usage volume.

Live Feed

If you want to give your strategy a significant boost, try Instagram Live. Their Live Guests option enables you to go “live” with someone else to ease the intimidation of the crowd and add some depth to the feed. You can conduct interviews, do questions and answers or even product demonstrations. The possibilities are endless, but the editorial capacity is fairly limited since it is live. Instagram Live broadcasts get prominent listings so the capacity for exposure is significant.

Create Great Instagram Aesthetics

With the popularity of Instagram marketing growing fast and furious, many people are starting to search for businesses on Instagram before going to Google. Because of this, it is important for companies to put the same time and effort into their Instagram profile as they do their business website. A company’s Instagram feed and profile should flow together and represent the business well. It is almost as important as the business website and maybe more so. Consistent colors and editing styles can help users decide if they want to follow a company to begin with.

With the exploding popularity of the Instagram platform, advertisers can’t ignore the huge audience it presents. Streamlining a company’s Instagram marketing strategy is the best way to funnel convertible traffic from the platform to a website. Use these four modern brand marketing strategies to help you get the job done.

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