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How To Use Guest Posting To Maximize Your SEO Strategy

Maximizing your SEO strategy is just common sense. It’s kind of part of the “do it right” thing your mom tried to instill. However, guest posting is a great way to really take your SEO strategy to the next level, if you do it properly. That means utilizing best practices and maintaining a high degree of excellence. In addition to that, you can’t use guest posting exclusively to build all your backlinks. Why? It doesn’t look natural in the eyes of the search-bots. Yes, the algorithms look for that. So, as you strengthen your guest posting game, keep that in mind. You need a balanced number of backlinks from multiple sources pointing at your site to really benefit your rankings. As you acquire them, here are some tips to ensure that your guest posting really advances your SEO strategy.

Use The Right Sites

Make sure that you only write for trustworthy and relevant sites. Yes, the site that you guest post on should focus on a similar topic or industry for you to realize any benefit. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the website you are posting for has a good amount of traffic and a decent backlink profile themselves. There are metric tools available to measure this stuff and get good estimates. Of course, the numbers won’t be exact, but they will be close enough to let you know if you’ve picked a good site. One last thing to look for is to make sure that the site you are considering has been indexed by Google. If it hasn’t, look elsewhere.

Look for People

It is important that you only guest post on sites where the content is curated. Humans should moderate the content. Although, this seems a little obvious there is a reason it needs mentioning. You’ll want to ensure that all content, not just yours, is carefully reviewed for quality before being posted. If everything is automated, go somewhere else. If you are asked to upload content yourself, don’t do it.

Write Original Content

Again, this should go without saying but it is imperative that you write original content each time you guest post. Please do not resort to article spinning in order to save yourself some work or achieve a higher number of guest posts. It is not okay even if it is your own article. If you really want to maximize your SEO campaign and benefit from guest posting, you must create an original work each time.

Forget The Stuffing

No keyword stuffing, it is unnatural. You must write for the audience, not the search-bots. Keep your motives pure and set out to create valuable content for the audience. This is how you will truly benefit and get more invitations to guest post on bigger sites. If your content is powerful, relevant and valuable to the audience you will reap a better reward.

Vary Your Formatting

No, don’t go crazy making some weirdly formatted post. However, you do want to break things up with subheadings. Maybe consider adding some bullets for listed information. Add images and infographics. This will help to ensure that each piece you create is original and distinctive. Using things like block quotes, media etc. is a great way to break up your post and make it easier to read. It also makes it easier for the search-bots to crawl. If the editor allows, consider adding an authoritative link or two. This will give your article more credibility, just don’t overdo it.

Use these five guest posting strategies to really maximize your SEO campaign. Your guest posting will be considered high quality and you will get more invitations. In addition, the search-bots will see that you are utilizing the guest posting best practices and it will benefit your site.

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