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Re-Market To Old Clients

How To Re-Market To Old Clients

Re-marketing is touted as one of the most effective sales strategies for many reasons. This is because when used properly, re-marketing campaigns get people to convert. Past clients that haven’t been seen in a while and perhaps even those who left without completing a call to action can be converted with a strong re-marketing campaign. You just need to know how wide to cast the net and where to throw it. Contrary to re-targeting, re-marketing includes social media, email and re-targeting campaigns as well as online and offline media. It basically encompasses all forms of marketing to the same prospect over and over again. Re-marketing has been around for a very, very long time, even before it was called re-marketing. Advertisers conjured up many different ways to expose prospective clients to their product multiple times over before it was ever time for them to make a purchasing decision. Passive or not, it’s a form of re-marketing. So, what is the best way to re-market to old clients? Well, there’s no one size fits all approach but there are some ground rules that can increase your chances of success.

Cross Channeling

Using multiple mediums gives your brand the opportunity to become more recognizable to the customer. People by from companies they know and trust. Sometimes they need little more than a reminder. Advances in technology and social media outlets give consumers more reasons than ever to try new things. While they may already be familiar with your company, they may not be frequenting the same mediums as before. Seeing your brand on multiple mediums conveys a message of strength and authority which helps build trust. Don’t go crazy trying to utilize every single medium available but pick a few good ones and do your thing.

Base Your Strategy On Consumer Behaviors

Utilizing analytics allows you to create campaigns based on consumer behavior. This automatically increases the chances of their success. The audience can be segmented by time on site, purchase history, exit pages and all kinds of different behaviors. Once you’ve grouped them together it will be easier to re-engage them. Consumers make purchases based on emotional connections, so it only makes sense to group them together. This way you can ensure that the re-marketing campaign is effective for each group’s specific behavior.

Search Re-Marketing

Search re-marketing allows you to target visitors that may have browsed your site, regardless of purchase behavior. Re-marketing for search allows you to target consumers based on their past search behavior as well as the custom keywords you enter. This is one of the most effective types of online re-marketing campaigns available and the cost per acquisition is very attractive. It also tends to be an easy campaign to run and doesn’t require a ton of maintenance in the process.

Email Campaigns

Email is one of the most effective advertising tools around and it has been for a very long time. Some companies choose to ask for the customer’s email address in exchange for discount coupons or promo codes. There are several methods for obtaining your customers’, or prospective customers’, email addresses. However, once you have them, they can be a virtual gold mine. Email is a highly effective re-engagement and re-marketing tool. You may need to split test and experiment with subject lines, but the tests will prove worth it in the end. There are many ways to re-market to old clients. Concentrate on quality ads and material while solving pain points. You likely already have all the information you need to run a success re-marketing campaign.


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