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How An SEO Audit Can Revive A Dying Website

Search engine optimization used to be a simple exercise in keyword density and backlink building. Now it is much more complicated than that. If you’re noticing a drop in traffic or rankings, you probably need to perform an SEO audit. An SEO audit is a basic analyzation of your website’s online presence. It is often split into three categories being technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. It will show you what areas on your website need improvement. A good SEO audit should be part of a comprehensive marketing plan because it improves your site’s performance and exposure. Here are three basic but massive ways that a good SEO audit can help revive a dying website.

Improved Accessibility

Accessibility improves user experience which will help improve traffic. User experience should be at the heart of everything you do on your website anyway. However, it will also help improve your site’s rankings. Google must crawl your website looking for information to index. The information found tells Google how to rank your site. If your pages contain conflicting information or send confusing signals to the search bots, then your rankings automatically drop. The ranking drop is related to technical and on-page SEO.

Relevant Clarity

Google is one of the best search engines for returning relevant results. However, this is about more than just keywords. It is important that the information on your website is relevant to the search terms being used as well. This is what keeps the traffic flowing in and coming back. When Google sees that your pages are consistently displaying clear information relevant to both search terms and keywords, you’ll rank better. Yes, there are complex algorithms to deal with but in the end, you are really working with a simple ‘if, then’ equation. If the content is relevant, then rankings will improve. Again, this also improves user experience along with the chances of authoritative links to your site.

Improved Authority

Not only does your content need to be accessible and relevant, but you also have to build trust. Your site must build trust with both Google and the audience. It’s not necessary to be the ‘end all, be all’ authority in your niche. However, you do need a certain amount of trustworthiness. In Google’s eyes, that means that trustworthy or authoritative sites link to your content. Ideally, you’ll have relevant internal and external links for your site. Earning or building these types of links will help your site garner more organic traffic and higher rankings.


You can perform quick SEO audits looking for minor issues, but comprehensive audits should be completed regularly. This will help you correct all types of issues, from source code problems to broken links and more. Quality SEO helps improve your site’s rankings and visitors’ experience on the site. This will help you garner more high-quality traffic in the future and keep it coming back. It will also keep the search engines happy which is always a plus. Google’s Search Console is user-friendly and free. It’s a great place to start on your SEO audit. The search console does a great job of helping to identify issues and telling you how to correct them.

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