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How A Blog Keeps Visitors Coming Back To You

When you run a website or an online business, repeat visitors are your lifeblood. Without them, there are no incomes at all. Site and business owners are constantly looking for ways to generate traffic as well as repeat business. If you’ve been in the game for a while, then you are sure to know that there are a hundred ways to get traffic to your website. The key is getting repeat traffic which is more likely to convert. To do this, your site needs a blog. This is not opinion, it’s a proven fact. Why do you think so many big brands take the time to maintain a blog on their site? The simple truth is that it does keep visitors coming back. The more often they are on the site, and the longer they are there, the higher their chances of conversion. So, what is it about a blog that keeps visitors coming back? Well, if it is a quality blog, then there are a few things. Let’s explore.

Deep Intimate Connection

Long-time business owners know and understand the secret to repeat business. It’s a deep, intimate connection with customers. Customers don’t buy products, they buy relationships. The more valuable the relationship, the more money they are willing to spend. A blog helps forge that connection on which a relationship is built. It may sound funny, but its true. Hear me out. To build a following, a blog must publish valuable relevant content. Typically, that content addresses some sort of pain point for the reader. It may be simple humour, a quest for knowledge or it may solve a problem. However, a high-quality blog publishes content the reader finds valuable on a regular basis. That value builds trust and establishes authority in the industry. That is the beginning of a relationship that people feel comfortable doing business with.

Authority And Expertise

As mentioned above, a blog is a perfect place to showcase your authority in an industry. It can be used to establish expertise in a specific niche or demonstrate repeated value. When consumers spend their hard-earned money, they want to know that they are purchasing quality. A demonstration of expertise helps showcase that fundamental quality they are looking for. It also lets them know that you value their business. This is on a more subconscious level but its true. When a company or site owner takes the time to publish a blog, it makes consumers feel valued and important. That’s who they do business with. Consumers buy from companies who value their business.


This isn’t one people would automatically think of when answering this question. However, establishing a blog on your website gives you more opportunities for optimization. It gives the search engines more reasons to find your site and return it with more queries. More queries mean more eyes. It’s a domino effect. It means more keywords, more infographics and more content. This keeps your site in front of people, keeping your brand front and centre. People may explore your website once looking for information. However, they will return again and again if you have valuable content on your blog.

Publishing a blog on your website is all about marketing. You must market on multiple mediums in today’s digital marketplace if you want to be successful. Scaling a business for growth is all about numbers and exposure. A blog on your website increases the chances that you’ll meet the mark and gives visitors a valid reason to come back again and again, even after they purchase.

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