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Here’s Why High-Quality Photos And Videos Matter To Your Visitors

People often assume that pictures and videos aren’t necessary. Many think that only product sales require pictures and video. This is completely false. Pictures and videos attract organic traffic and improve SEO. Modern society is a visual culture. With smartphones, everyone has a camera in their pocket all the time. You can describe a building or a dish to someone. However, seeing it is a whole new experience. This is because perspective is unique. Two people can view the same picture and see different things. Its because they each have their own unique perspective. Pictures and videos are vital to your website or blog. Yes, even if you aren’t selling products they matter. Ten per cent of all photos ever taken have been taken in the last year. There are entire social media boards dedicated to pictures. Here are some of the reasons great pictures and videos matter to your visitors.

Increase Traffic

Again, it’s that perspective thing. People love looking at pictures and videos. It gives them a sense of power. Viewing pics and videos allows people to draw their own conclusions about things. They could be shopping for products or services. They may be reading an article. Pictures and video add depth and details that may otherwise be missed. Viewing pictures and videos removes that modicum of distrust because of its right there in black and white. You don’t need to take someone else’s word for it. It also evokes emotions. Viewing pictures and videos can make people happy, hungry, angry and many other things. It encourages action and we are a busy society. Websites and blogs with images get over ninety per cent more views than others. Pictures and videos can help you make the sale or get the message across. If you post it, they will view it.

Promote Sales

If you are selling products, it is vital to use high-quality images. Over sixty per cent of consumers say that a product picture affected their decision to purchase. This goes back to trust and emotion. When people see a good image, they are more likely to purchase. Simply describing the image isn’t enough. There may be details you miss. Consumers may formulate a totally different picture in their own minds. Posting products pictures and videos set the expectation. Consumers feel more comfortable making a purchase. They feel like they know what to expect because they have seen an image. A top-notch image on a product page promises a level of quality. This makes the consumer more comfortable about completing the purchase.

Build Trust

Over sixty per cent of consumers indicate they are more likely to contact a business if they have a visual image. This image may be a video or a picture they’ve seen. It could be the image that is displayed in the search results. This also builds on the trust and expectation factor. Images build trust because it removes the guesswork. People don’t feel like they need to rely on something blindly. Trust is important in any business. It helps build customer relationships along with repeat business. People trust what they see. It’s human nature. Using pictures and videos is the easiest and quickest way to build trust with consumers.

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