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Has Paid Promotion Replaced SEO?

SEO has long been the backbone of online business applications. It encompasses everything we know about driving traffic through search engine optimization. The thing is that there are consistent algorithm updates and releases that can affect your traffic flow. Site owners spend countless hours optimizing for the search engines and many times do not get the results they are after. Business and site owners are always looking for ways to increase brand awareness and conversions which directly impacts their bottom line. It is becoming inherently clear that paid promotion has replaced SEO as the driving force behind convertible traffic.

Advertising in the Digital Marketplace

As the advertising world evolves in the digital marketplace, in creeps content marketing and paid social media. Both are efforts to increase traffic and the consistency thereof. What boils down to is that high-value content is the heart of online marketing. Paid promotion is the only way to ensure that visitors actually see that high-value content. While content has been manipulated, stretched and injected with loads of information to attract the attention of visitors, SEO is no longer a reliable method to drive traffic. The first virtual step on the sales journey is awareness through paid promotion. Traditional SEO only ensures time-consuming work without reliable results.

Reaching Consumers

Through the metamorphosis of advertising in a digital market where consumers are demanding transparency and value, marketers are scrambling for creative ways to drive traffic and get the attention of prospective visitors. Unfortunately, traditional SEO no longer produces the type of results that generate revenue. Everyone is performing SEO and optimizing their content. The trick is to get the audience’s attention while sidestepping the barrier consumers automatically put up for advertisers. Consumers want information about a product or service before awarding their business. The type of organic traffic driven by SEO efforts no longer produces convertible traffic. In a side by side comparison, the return on investment generated by paid promotion is much higher than that of traditional SEO. So, where is your time better spent?

Paid Promotion

So, what’s the answer? Paid promotion produces a larger return on investment and it is taking the marketing world by storm. So much so that those in the business are starting to wonder if it will actually replace paid SEO as the principal behind traffic and rankings. Although it is not yet a principal ranking factor, it should be an integral part of your marketing efforts. A balanced, well-rounded marketing plan should certainly include paid promotion because there are so many benefits over traditional SEO. Marketing mediums should produce measurable results, as with paid promotion. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to measure or scale SEO efforts on a website.

Benefits Of Paid Promotion

First, the return on investment is very high. It is well worth the money and time that goes into it, which is still less than the efforts of SEO. Studies show that for every dollar spent on paid promotion, an average of $6.50 is returned. Another benefit is that it reaches specific audiences and niches that marketers may not otherwise have access to. This is another valuable part of the ROI. Paid promotion, especially on social platforms, reaches a massive audience. In addition, the audience that it reaches is well targeted and typically primed for the product or service that is being promoted. Paid promotion is also scalable to the size of your business budget, unlike SEO. It is all part of the conversion process. Paid promotion is one of the best marketing tools because it is measurable and scalable. Keep doing what you are doing and incorporate paid promotion into your marketing plan.

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