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Google’s Best Practices – SEO

The basics of Google’s search engine optimization system have not changed much in the past years.

The core of Google’s best practices are still:

  • keywords
  • links
  • relevance
  • reputation
  • trust
  • high-quality content
  • visitor satisfaction

Google says that great content is the answer to having a successful blog. Blogs that are easy and fun to navigate get the highest rankings, according to the company.

The following page characteristics play a part in SEO:

Quality of Content

Google does not reward sites that have:

  • sneaky affiliate links
  • unmoderated comments
  • low-quality content
  • malicious or annoying downloads
  • pop-ups
  • lengthy and slow click-through windows

The types of connections that can damage a site owner’s success are:

  • deception
  • artificiality
  • manipulation
  • bought links
  • link schemes
Unacceptable Keyword Implementation

Blog and site owners should use Google Analytics to help create SEO keywords and to write naturally rather than focusing only on keyword density. Google Adwords can help you discover keyword additions however you will need some ad history to use it.  Because user experience is important on your website, it needs to be easy to read and understand.  If you try to cram your keywords without making sense with the content, it will backfire on you.

Relevance, Reputation, Trust

When the page is informative, authoritative and relevant to the user’s search, the chances are high that Google will treat that site respectfully. SEO experts understand that search intentions usually fall somewhere in these three categories:

  • Navigational – the user is cognizant of the targeted location
  • Informational – the user wants to acquire knowledge
  • Transactional – the user wants to shop, sign up, or register
Visitor Satisfaction

It’s more or less as it always has been– customers buy from, use, and are loyal to business owners who can meet their needs. To rank high on Google, you need to be the best result as well as have a great visitor experience.  This is critical to ranking better with organic search.

Although you may be following all of Google’s best practices, you still may not rank because of competition for your keywords.  However,  it’s best to follow these guidelines.  You may also want to

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