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Facebook Ads to Drives Leads To Your Business

Facebook has billions of active monthly users. It is a virtual lead pool ripe for the picking. Traditional lead generation involves users filling out opt-in forms. Businesses routinely missed out on qualified leads who didn’t want to spend time doing this. Luckily, Facebook solved this problem with their ad platform for businesses. Facebook lead ads allow customers to access offers within the app. This means they don’t have to go to a landing page to fill out a form. Viola, those potentially great leads are captured through the social media platform. Facebook is on target to make more than four billion dollars in ad revenue. This tells you people are clicking on ads. Facebook ads work. We are going to analyze how they work.

Filters And Groups

Despite Facebooks growing efforts to keep traffic on site, you can send leads to your website. Their ads come in many varieties. You’ll need to decide which type of ad is best for your business and marketing purposes. First, you will need to target your audience. You can filter based on age, demographics and right down to whether they own a vehicle. Filtering for business ads is very specific. The hardest part is choosing the right filters. Filtering by groups typically works best for all ad types. Focus on specific interests in combination with a larger audience group. This gives you a better chance of conversion.


Your image is the most important part of your ad. You must use a high-quality image, or the text won’t matter. You’ll also want to avoid generic stock photography because it sends the wrong message. Images of people work best. Pictures of people that resemble your target audience are preferable. You’ll want to focus on their face. Facebook ad images are only one hundred by seventy-two pixels. If you use images of people facing to the right it will give you an advantage. Users will be more likely to read your ad after looking at the picture. Make sure your text is clear and legible. Bright background colors and font that is pleasing to the eye is preferable.


Facebook will suggest a bid price for your ad and you must bid strategically. You will want to optimize your ads to increase your click-thru-rate. The price you pay for traffic is dictated by your click-thru-rate. If your click-thru-rate is low, you’ll have to pay more for each click. A higher bid will also allow you to reach more of your target audience. Facebook provides a chart to show you how much of your audience you’ve reached. Of course, you’ll need to monitor how your ad performs. If your audience penetration is on target, you can increase your frequency. Your frequency is how many times targeted users see your ad. Your frequency is increased by increasing your budget.


As with other advertising mediums, you want a high click-thru-rate. First, it leads to higher conversions. Second, these ads rank higher and are seen more often. Third, you will pay less per click. This means concentrating on high-quality ads pays off. Ads that perform better cost less and drive more traffic over time. The Facebook Interface allows you to monitor important metrics like your CTR. Watching your CTR closely will tell you which ads resonate with your target audience. Images and ads that maintain traffic the longest can be rotated for better performance. Keep images eye-catching and conversions low-friction for best results. You’ll be able to drive plenty of leads to your business using Facebook ads.

Short Summary

Facebook is the largest social media platform and presents some incredible marketing opportunities. If you understand how Facebook ads work, you can drive leads to your business. Watch your revenue stream increase along with your conversions rate with this incredible marketing medium.

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