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Email Marketing: Three Reasons You Should Send Newsletters

Getting the balance right in digital marketing is vital. However, it’s not always easy to do that, and there is a fine line between encouraging sales from existing customers or turning them off in such a way that they never buy again. The subject of this piece focuses on email marketing newsletters and the reasons you should send them to your customers.

1. They feel less like spam than regular marketing emails

Most people find that most of the emails that they receive are of a marketing nature. A lot of it isn’t very appealing and doesn’t appear to be relevant to the customer. However, email newsletters have a different feel, as they are often less about trying to make sales and more about keeping customers updated about what is going on within the business. They tend to work really well with content sites.

2. Email newsletters are more likely to drive traffic to your website

As the previous point demonstrated, the key is often about providing information that is relevant to customers. The problem with a lot of marketing emails is they only appeal when a specific product is of interest to a customer. The more general nature of email newsletters that are less focused on products means that people may take more interest in the content.

For example, an interesting blog post may be included that directs a specific customer to your website and once they are there the opportunity to make a purchase presents itself. The fact is sometimes the soft sell approach can be very effective in getting customers to your site. The email newsletter often facilitates that process.

3. It’s a great marketing strategy to remind existing customers of your business

Marketers often think regarding frequent marketing messages to keep customers interested. There is no doubt that can be a very successful strategy depending on the business. However, this approach also has the danger of turning current customers off if repetitive emails are considered to be annoying.

Occasional email newsletters can be a very effective method of reminding existing customers about the business without the pressure to make a new purchase. This sort of technique works best when the communication is only once a week or once a month. As illustrated, sometimes just staying in touch with your customers is enough to stimulate engagement in your business again.

Getting the balance right with digital marketing techniques can be tricky at times, but hopefully, this content has provided some food for thought on what can be done with email newsletters. The critical thing is to focus less on sales and more about updating customers on what you are doing. Also, put your effort into the quality of your newsletter rather than sending them out too frequently.

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