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Don’t Overthink Your SEO Strategy

As a website owner, making sure your website is in the “Top 3” is of the utmost importance. In fact, many times, those are the only three links that will be clicked on. Because of this, many websites put a ton of time, resources, and money into a solid SEO strategy. Some use in-house SEO specialists, and some use SEO firms. Whatever they chose, it’s a little unsettling when you hear of new changes. You start to question what you have done. Will it still work? Is it going to knock us down? For the most part, algorithm updates are there to protect you and the companies that aren’t trying to game the system. Most companies follow the rules, and that precisely is why you shouldn’t overthink your SEO strategy.

Here are a few good examples of solid SEO principles that will not negatively affect your rankings.

1.    Quality Over Quantity

Back in the day, website strategy would be to promote themselves through excessive posts and oversaturation of related topics.  That is not the case today. The internet is full of content, and people are only going to visit sites that have exceptional content.  It is best to put more effort into creating one or two great articles than to pepper the site sporadically with several subpar pieces. The more useful and relevant the content, the more popular it will be. People share, spend time on, and return to content that they found valuable in some way.  Websites with relevant content will rank higher in the search engines.

2.    To Keyword Or Not To Keyword

There is no doubt that keywords are important to SEO. They can make or break a website regarding rankings and relevance. However, utilizing the current trendy keyword tools requiring payments is wholly unnecessary and can even be detrimental. The majority of these trendy tools use black hat methods that can land a website in trouble. And they do not usually work as well as one might hope. They tend to fall short in a lot of ways, making things more complicated for lots of websites. Instead of using these tools, sticking to a basic keyword planner from Google’s tools or another free keyword service is recommended.

3.    SEO Companies: You Wouldn’t Get It

A lot of SEO firms recognize that they are much more valuable to a client if they ensure that the client does not understand what it is they do. They exaggerate the complicated nature of their strategizing, and they fail to explain what work they’re doing. This technique makes businesses and website owners feel like they’ll never be able to succeed without paying oodles for a company that they don’t even understand.  Thankfully, not all SEO firms are like that, and implementing the use of a quality firm can significantly impact rankings. Companies that have good track records and treat their clients respectfully are the only ones worth dealing with.

4.    A Lot Of Inbound Links

Websites were able to cultivate a more substantial amount of organic traffic through inbound links, thereby allowing them the benefit of increased rankings. Sadly, this is no longer the case, and all of those incoming links may do more harm than good. This time-consuming and complicated strategy is often utilized, with the goal being as many inbound links as possible. Instead of orienting SEO to backlinks from a multitude of other sites, businesses will find that their rankings improve when they have a few quality backlinks inside their niche. Quality content means quality links, and those are the only ones that matter.

5.    Social Media: Good or Bad

Successful SEO strategy focuses on quality over quantity–and that holds true for social media presence as well. Social media is an excellent opportunity for a business to reach out and connect with potential customers.  It allows the targeted demographic to explore the values and attributes of a company easily. For social media presence to function like that, it is imperative that a business has a consistent presence on their social networks. If a company uses too many different social networks, it won’t be able to keep up with each of them in a meaningful way.

To rank a website, you must follow a few sound principles.  Stay away from those strategies which might constitute “black hat.” Most of the time, the algorithm updates will not affect you at all. In the events where they do, the effects may be temporary. If they are not temporary, then it is time to consider your SEO strategy. Again, it is best that you stick with a solid SEO strategy and avoid overthinking. Overthinking is a great way to spend a lot of money, without any sound basis, and end up losing out in the end.

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