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Critical Content Marketing Trends In 2018

As long as marketing has been around, so has content marketing. People were content marketing, even before they named it so. The name and the approach have changed dramatically over recent years while it has become more effective. The evolution of the digital marketplace has forced a shift to a more intelligent content marketing strategy. Consumers are smarter, and they demand information. You must get rid of the hype and communicate with them in their arena, which is often social media. You’ve got to know what type of content they connect with and find relevant, as well as how to use it strategically. Posting static images is no longer enough to bear fruit for your efforts. Here are some critical marketing trends that you need to pay attention to in 2018.

Task Evolution

At one time, people just hired out of work writers to be their content marketers because all they needed was the content. Over time the public has demanded a more focused approach with detailed information and specific strategies. Content marketers need production skills along with optimization and distribution skills. These are very calculated marketing functions that the public will respond to if utilized effectively. Content marketers have got to stay on top of evolving trends in video, such as Live and 360 videos. If they can’t stay in front of the curve, they can’t navigate it successfully.


The ever-growing network of physical objects which is known as the Internet of Things is taking content beyond the screen. People are interacting more than ever with virtual assistants such as Siri and Amazon Echo. This means digital context campaigns must respond to the growing demand for AI. What people expect and the way they expect it is changing to match the way they interact with technology. This must be at the forefront of every content marketing strategy going forward. These types of campaigns go beyond a little personalization. They respond to other elements such as place and time.


A successful content marketing campaign is a transparent one. Consumers are demanding transparency, and with good reason. Everything from spam bots to identity theft threatens the very existence of anything genuine. Content must be verifiable and the authority on which it is based must be traceable. On the flip side, content marketers want to reach a verified audience. In the world of the digital marketplace, content which is verifiable and transparent suddenly becomes credible. Consumers have an insatiable craving for credible because they are continuously bombarded with so much junk.

The Blurred Lines Between Paid And Owned Communication 

Content marketing, in its truest form, is typically owned communication. However, with the evolution of blockchain technology taking social media by storm the lines between owned and paid communications is blurring. Content marketing must be a complete collaboration between all teams. Solo efforts fail because all mediums must be connected to ensure a singular consistent brand message. There are no lines between communications in content marketing. The playing field isn’t level but there are no lines separating communications. Only consistent vertical campaigns will be successful going forward.

Content marketing is changing as fast as the digital marketplace. Success is measured in feedback. You must stay up to date on the evolution of the content itself. Be transparent in your efforts and share a consistent message across all vertical mediums. Go beyond the screen and get those creative juices flowing. Think of the way people are interacting with technology as you build your content marketing strategy to reach a verified audience in the digital marketplace.

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