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Crazy Simple Strategies To Cut Drip Email Unsubscribes In Half Immediately

It is no secret that email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing strategy, but it must continuously be tweaked for maximum effectiveness. The right email marketing strategy can grow brand awareness, increase conversions and initiate a spike in revenues. Because of the amount of work involved, many people choose to automate their email marketing efforts into a drip email. A drip email is a group of pre-written templates or messages that are delivered to subscribers over time. Sending out automatic drip email messages is a great way to free up your hands and your time, but if you are not careful, you may see some massive growth in your unsubscribe rates. Below are some crazy simple strategies to cut drip email unsubscribe rates by half or more almost immediately.

Device Compatibility

This seems like an obvious tip, but it still warrants attention. Unfortunately, many of those who have a subscribe list today do not take the time to ensure that their emails will display correctly on multiple devices. It is no longer enough to be mobile-friendly. In the age of mobile-first indexing, you want to be mobile-right because the majority of people will first open your email on a mobile device. Whether they are using a phone, tablet or laptop, the information needs to display correctly, look professional and be inviting across all screen types.

Press Enter

This one is a little less widely known secret, but it works. At the end of your email after your signature, hit enter eight times. Why? Doing this moves the unsubscribe button out of the line of initial sight. No, this isn’t a black hat tactic; it’s just smart. Think about it. If you are using an email marketing strategy, then you probably understand how vital a call-to-action is because it tells the reader what you want them to do. Well, if the first call-to-action they see is unsubscribing, then you shouldn’t kick yourself and wonder why almost half are unsubscribing. The unsubscribe button will still be there and easy to find. It just won’t be right under the signature, and it won’t be the first call-to-action recipients see. You’ll be surprised at how well this works, and it’s too simple not to do it.

Taper The Drip

This is as easy as telling recipients what you are going to do and then doing it. First, find three to five awesome types of business-related information that your readers will find valuable. In your first email out to the audience, take the time to tell them how many emails you will be sending over a specific amount of time. For instance, you may tell them that they will be receiving four emails from you this month on a particular topic which is part of series. This assures the audience that you will not be filling up their inbox with junk. For most of the audience, this will not only be acceptable; it will be comforting.

Now send only what you said you would. At the end of the series let them know that you are moving them to a monthly or quarterly update for important notices. You have told them what you were going to do, and you did it. You have also built some credibility in the process because you kept your word. This will go a long way with the audience. Your unsubscribes should drop dramatically, and your conversions will also increase. Combine this with the other two tips, and you will cut your unsubscribe rate by half almost immediately.

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