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Conversion Ready Websites Cut Ecommerce Startup Times Dramatically

Just about every company and anyone with a hustle has their own website these days. You hear a lot about user experience, user design and first impressions. While it can be tempting to concentrate on these things in the beginning, an e-commerce site has more important elements to focus on. Yes, the preceding elements are very important. However, an e-commerce site that is not conversion ready will have a hard time gaining traction. This can extend start-up time and drain budgets in the process. Here are a few of the most important reasons why a conversion ready website dramatically reduces e-commerce start-up times.

Guides Buying Process

A conversion ready website is not only easy to navigate, but it helps guide the consumer through the buying cycle. Believe it or not, there is a buying cycle and it is studied in depth in the sales industry. There is a process involved and a conversion ready site helps guide visitors through this process. This type of website will use components such as a clear call-to-action, contrasting colours and a responsive template to help capture sales. It also gives visitors clear indications of what you want them to do next. If you want them to buy something, you need to ask them to. A conversion ready website not only does this, but it makes it easy and almost necessary for visitors to complete the process.

Builds Trust And Customer Loyalty

A conversion ready website typically displays the SSL security. This builds trust with the audience in an age of identity theft which increases the chances of conversion. The security certificate also improves search engine optimization and increases traffic, which helps e-commerce start-ups gain traction. A trusting audience becomes a loyal audience and a trusting visitor ultimately converts. Building trust with an audience helps a website build a community following and establish authority within a niche. This also helps with branding and marketing. The conclusion is basically that a conversion ready website generates a return on investment far beyond a few sales.

Optimized For Mobile

Over fifty per cent of online shopping, today is completed from a smartphone or mobile device. That is a ton of sales. A conversion ready website is optimized for mobile traffic. These types of websites typically have a responsive template that displays well across all screen types. Additionally, it still helps guide the visitor through the conversion process even on a mobile device. People are busy and the ones who do the shopping are often multitasking. That means completing a purchase on the way home, while at the office or even sitting in bed. A conversion ready website caters to these people making it easy for them to navigate the site, shop and complete their purchase from anywhere. This also helps decrease bounce rates as well as abandoned carts.

Easy Checkout

Speaking of abandoned carts, up to seventy-five per cent of carts are abandoned before a purchase is completed. A conversion ready website simplifies the checkout process increases the likelihood that it will be completed. In today’s busy society, people want instant gratification. If the checkout process is too involved, they simply abandon the cart and complete the purchase somewhere simpler. A conversion ready website is a proactive website that gives visitors every reason to complete a purchase or a call to action. It is an investment that will pay off for many years to come.

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