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You, Too, Can Become a Social Media Influencer. Here’s How.

It’s not unusual for businesses to spend thousands of dollars per campaign on influencers, and this trend is projected to rise. Becoming an influencer has become the ultimate social media dream for most individuals. Although it looks easy, it involves a lot of commitment and work.

How do you become the ultimate social media influencer? Here are six essential and easy tips to help get you started.

Find a Niche

To become an influencer, you need to become a subject matter expert in your chosen field. Don’t be a generalist. Be specific so that you will become the point person for key categories in individuals’ lives. The focus can be specific to a topic category, such as fashion, or even more specifically, “men’s street fashion,” for example. You can also go the platform route, such as “Instagram fashion blogger.” Start by researching a specific category, form your own ideas and opinions, and dictate what’s following the trend. The most important step at this point is to establish what makes you different and why your voice needs to be heard.

Stay on Top of Other Relevant Influencers

Work to establish relationships with other influencers in your field. Collaborate with other influencers and create posts that highlight your relationship with them that serve to promote the both of you equally. This will function to enlarge your network and will enable you to reach an extended fan base. In other words, don’t beat them. Join them.

Stay Updated on Trends and Changes

People want to follow influencers who are on top of trends, insights, and valuable information. Therefore, study news, opinions, and features that are published or shared by people who are important in your field. Subscribe to topic and keyword alerts that are on Google Alerts and Social Mention. It also helps to be in the know regarding platform algorithm updates and changes made to your social media platform of choice. Changes in an algorithm or new, updated platform features can drastically alter how your audience interacts with you.

Create Relevant Content Consistently

Regardless of whether your platform of choice is YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, keeping your audience engaged is about consistency. Your audience will stay tuned if they know what to expect from you. Therefore, aim to post new content at least once or twice a week and commit to a specific day of the week. You may, for example, announce that you will be posting new YouTube videos every Tuesday and Thursday. While posting regularly is no easy task, you can help yourself by developing an editorial and publishing calendar, planning your content weeks or even months in advance, and, most importantly, sticking to it. Coherency is key, which is why you need to plan. By doing this, you can create a series of coherent posts that your followers feel comfortable subscribing to.

Be a Guest and Contribute

Contribute content to other blogs and publications that matter. Being a guest contributor increases your reach, your traffic, and serves to build your credibility in the online sphere. Keep a lookout, therefore, for the most relevant sites and pages, coordinate for submission, and get published. After you’ve guest published, plan to share your publication with your own audience as well, mentioning what you’ve done and how you’ve contributed.

Engage Your Audience

Social media influencers need to take part in relevant conversations. Answer questions on Quora and share with Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Participate in talks and webinars. Don’t just listen to the conversation. Be a part of it. Don’t forget the key step, which is to comment and reply to your own followers to build your reputation and your relationship with them.

While becoming a social media influencer is no easy feat, it is doable. If you stick to your goals, nurture your audience, and engage with your followers, you may find that your community will reward you by designating you as their influencer.

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