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Powerful Paid Promotional Content

Boost Your Web Traffic With Powerful Paid Promotional Content

If content is the heart of online marketing, then traffic is the proverbial backbone. They are the two most essential aspects of online marketing. All is null and void without traffic to convert and simply there is no traffic without content. Content is the whole reason people use the internet. Some gravitate towards video content while others love graphics or information. The appeal is endless, but the key is to keep your brand message consistent across all verticals. Once you have this down, its time to boost your web traffic which, in turn, boost your rankings and conversions for a hefty revenue stream.

Boosting Traffic

Marketers, business and site owners have long been seeking out the best ways to boost traffic. There are several creative and effective ways to accomplish this. One of the new shiny tools in the toolbox is paid social media content. It can be used in many different ways for a return that is worth talking about. Everyone and their grandmother are on social media these days. The platforms reach far and wide to multiple countries and their audience targeting tools are ingenious. Most are much more specific than those that come with a hefty price tag and produce results that are worth their weight in gold.


One form of paid social media content involves using influencers with charisma and a large online following. They love a product or service so much that they are willing to post about it, priming their loyal following to try it for themselves. Some of these campaigns can be massively successful when executed with finesse. The influencer is either paid in the form of currency or free products and services. These campaigns are successful for small and large companies alike, which is part of the beauty. Companies do need to be an internationally well-known household name to run a successful campaign with influencers on social media.

Solution-Based Long-Tail Semantic Keywords

Another successful strategy involving paid social media content revolves around using long-tail semantic keywords. Now, these aren’t just any relevant long-tail semantic keywords. The ones you want to use are solution based. For instance, let’s say you run a website selling plant-based meal replacement shakes. If you do a search for plant-based meal replacement shakes, you’ll get a ton of results. It seems to be a popular item these days. However, if you focus on the solution and use plant-based meal replacement shakes for weight loss you’ll have better luck. There are still enough searches to create demand for the product, but you’ll be able to compete for rankings.

Boost It

Don’t overlook the power of boosting on social media. This often happens because it doesn’t cost much at all, so people assume that it isn’t as effective. That is not the case at all. Of course, it may involve some trial and error, but a single $5 boost can generate over one thousand new user impressions. How is that for return on investment? Most social media platforms that allow paid content offer some way to boost for a small fee. If you boost truly valuable content, you may even end up with additional links and citations that you weren’t expecting. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to boosting traffic and paid promotional content can be a very powerful tool.

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