Sales Funnel
How Using A Sales Funnel Can Turn Your Visitors Into Buyers

A sales funnel is a word that describes the customer’s conversion process through the buying cycle. The customer’s unique buy process starts way before they end up in your sales funnel. However, if your sales funnel is set up correctly it will entice them and guide them through the conversion process. The thing is that funnels are unique in themselves Read more

Mobile Friendly Website
Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

More than half of all search queries are performed from a mobile device or smartphone. So, it is inherently crucial that your site is mobile ready unless you prefer losing to your competitors. Google has gone to mobile first indexing and it seems that society has gone mobile first as well. The majority of goods and services purchased over the Read more

How An SEO Audit Can Revive A Dying Website

Search engine optimization used to be a simple exercise in keyword density and backlink building. Now it is much more complicated than that. If you’re noticing a drop in traffic or rankings, you probably need to perform an SEO audit. An SEO audit is a basic analyzation of your website’s online presence. It is often split into three categories Read more

Don’t Ignore Social Media In Your Marketing Strategy

Any great marketing strategy includes a social media aspect. The numbers are in and the reach of social media is undisputed. It is also global. There are multiple social media platforms and different ways to run a social media marketing campaign. For instance, some platforms are visual heavy while others tend to focus more on engagement. However, overlooking Read more