Marketing Plan
Marketing Is More Than SEO And Pretty Images

Anyone who owns a business typically understands how important marketing is. SEO and visual content are a vital part of your marketing strategy. They are also like peanut butter and jelly. They can stand alone but something is always missing. A great marketing strategy includes both SEO and visual content. However, it takes more than just the two of these to be Read more

Digital Marketing
Putting Your Money In The Right Digital Marketing Hands

Digital marketing changes constantly. It seems that every advance in technology brings a new marketing horizon. It can be difficult to find and afford a digital marketing professional who brings results. It is important that they can consistently deliver a return on your investment. Is that even possible in the digital marketplace? Sure, it is but it isn’t easy to Read more

Automated PPC Bidding
Several Common Mistakes Of Automated Bidding With PPC

PPC bidding is common and it’s a great way to help streamline traffic. Most people or webmasters start out manually bidding with PPC. That is an art all by itself. It’s like baking in the sense that there are many little nuances that can help or hinder success. As technology advances with the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning, increasing Read more

Right Plugin
Using The Right Plug-Ins To Enhance Your Website

If you own or operate a website, then you are probably familiar with plugins. If not, you will be soon. A plugin is a type of software that typically acts as an extension to a web browser. Plugins typically offer added functionality to enhance user experience. They also help to optimize your site for the search engines and protect it from spammers. It’s an easy way Read more