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Become a Recognized Expert in Your Industry with the Power of Education-Based Marketing

Traditional marketing tactics, such as direct mailers, newspaper advertising, and TV commercials are not as effective as they once were. Today, if you want to attract clients, as opposed to chasing them, you must become an expert in your industry. You must be the person that people seek out for information and answers. Without it, you could be seen as a person whose only claim is your advertisements. This statement holds true for whatever industry you’re in, be it real estate, banking, tech, or health.  With the power of education-based marketing, you can attract clients who will trust you as an expert.

Trusting the experts

Think about it. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, do you want to retain the services of the real estate agent who makes the most beautiful flyers in your neighborhood? Or do you want to go to the person who is known as the real estate expert in your area?

How do you establish yourself as an expert in your industry? The answer is simple. Stop selling and start educating. Your goal should be to provide guidance, assistance, and information at every opportunity you have.

You can write articles and books, host videos, and develop skills that will set you up for public speaking engagements. You may have a variety of media you consume for information about your industry. What if you could be the one writing those books and articles or hosting those webinars and podcasts? Content marketing is the pre-eminent method by which you can establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Content that Helps not Sells

Most people balk at the prospect of determining article content and committing to a consistent publishing schedule. Delivering great content in article format is easy.  And it can be published on your platform of choice, be it a website, a blog, or an article that’s converted into your spoken word via a YouTube video.

Numbered articles have been proven to connect with people more than articles without numbers. This phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that people are busy, and article titles with numbers, or “fascinators,” indicate a definitive ending to the article.  An example of this is “The Seven Ways You Can Build Your Customer List.”  Users want to commit to reading a certain number of tips or bits of information, and, if they don’t like it, they won’t feel compelled to read the rest. If users like your content, then they’ll dig in deeper and read the entire article.

Publishing a Book is not as Hard as it Seems

If you want to take your education-based marketing to the next level, you can write a book on your subject of choice. Many people think that writing a book is an enormous undertaking. The truth is that publishing is nothing like it used to be. You can publish a book for as little as only a few hundred dollars.  That includes the cost of cover design, formatting, and publishing. You don’t have to depend on the discretion of big publishing houses.

No one can stop you from self-publishing if that is your goal. If you perceive your writing skills to be an obstacle to your success, you can use the audio recorder on your phone to record your voice. Once recorded, you can pay to have it transcribed, edited, and transformed into what could be a fantastic book based on your spoken word.

Education-based marketing works because your prospects get to know who you are and trust you.  This will compel them to buy from you.  While you may not think of yourself as an expert yet, you should keep in mind that no one is entirely proficient in their area of expertise.  The process of creating great content will put you on your way to discovering what makes you an expert.

Education-based marketing acknowledges that humans, by nature, seek out those people who have better answers and more information. So, stop trying to sell, and start building trust with your potential clients with education-based marketing.  The sales will follow!

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