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A/B Testing is a must for Google AdWords to Perform

Google AdWords is a fantastic medium for your business advertising. It is a pay-per-click system where businesses bid on keywords. Their ads will appear in the search results of those given keywords for the massive Google audience to consider. Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising and the massive internet audience exposure can be fantastic for business visibility, especially if you bid on the right keywords. Google allows you to include more than twenty keywords in each campaign, although you don’t want to use that many. You do want to use several focused keywords along with variations of each so that your business can appear in relevant searches. You’ll need to optimize your keyword list and run some A/B testing to find out what works best for your campaign. There are multiple things in Google AdWords your campaign that you can manipulate and test to see what gives you the best results. Small changes can make big improvements in your results.


There are two different split tests you can do with your headlines for different results. You can probably do more but the two easiest and most popular is with the headline length and order of words. Switch things up a bit and see if shorter or longer headlines perform better for your campaigns. You can research and read what other people say until the cows come home, but split testing is the only way to find out for sure. Shorter headlines may work better is some industries and longer headlines may work better for different campaigns. Another thing to consider is the importance of the words in your headline. People read from left to right, so the most important words should be at the beginning of your headline. Additionally, changing the order of the words in your headline could have a positive impact on your campaign results.

Split Test Descriptions

 The descriptions in your ads aren’t read as often as the headlines, but they are read. The good news is that the people who do read the descriptions are the ones who are more likely to convert. Changing up the way your description reads can impact your click-thru-rate and your other results. The description is a great opportunity to do some A/B split testing. Change up the way your description reads and see which options perform better for your campaigns. Make these changes to more than one campaign to ensure that your results are reliable and see what the metrics say.

 URL Displays

 Another important split test you can do is in the way your URL displays. Your URL should always either be a landing page specific to your ad or it should be your homepage. You can split test your URL and see which one gives you better results. Look at your click-thru-rate to and see where the highest one is. Is your click-thru-rate higher for your landing page or for your home page? As mentioned earlier, you can also change the way it displays and sees if that gets you any better results.


Marketing is always about metrics. You’ve got to analyze your metrics to see where your success is. Then you can expand on your success and tweak the areas that are not as strong. The thing is that you don’t know what those areas are without metrics and testing. Split testing tells you what parts of your campaign are really performing and providing strong results and which ones aren’t. Running an A/B split test on you’re the key elements of your campaign shows you what your audience prefers.

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