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5 Stupid Simple Ways To Get More Customers To Opt-In To Your Email List

Face it; email marketing is still one of the top marketing channels concerning return on investment. The vast majority of people check their email daily, and many of them check it multiple times per day. The problem is that people are already inundated with information. It floods their inbox, lands in their mailbox and its right in their face every time they turn around. So, how can you, or your campaign, be different? Getting customers to opt-in to your email list can be a critical success factor for your email marketing campaign. The average opt-in rate across all verticals is less than two percent. If you want to succeed, your opt-in rate and your conversion rate must be much better than that. Here are some stupid simple tips and tricks to increase your email opt-in rates so that you can run a successful email marketing campaign.

Use A Call-To-Action

You probably already understand how important CTAs are and how they can affect your conversion rate but are you maximizing their potential to get people to opt-in? You should have an opt-in prompt just after the author bio section on your website, and there should be one after every posted article or blog. When people take time to read a post all the way through, they are primed for an opt-in request. You’ve already captured their attention, and they liked the post enough to read it in its entirety so ask for the email.

Research Your Colors

While we are on the subject of opt-ins and CTAs, do you know what color your opt-in button is? Yes, it is important and here’s why. Colors affect how people feel, subconsciously. The color blue typically creates a sense of trust. Red creates a sense of urgency and green inspires relaxation. Studies show that over eighty percent of shoppers indicate that color is one of the primary factors that inspire them to buy a product, so use it to your advantage. Just make sure that your opt-in stands out from the background. It should be clearly visible.

Lock Great Content

If you have great content that seems to generate a lot of traffic, lock it! Of course, don’t lock the entire article. You must leave the beginning and a great hook available for visitors. This will get them reading and interested like it has done in the past. However, they will have to enter their email address to read the full post. This is a ridiculously simple tactic to generate email opt-ins.

Host A Raffle

Here’s another simple trick that works like a charm because everybody loves getting free stuff! If you have a brick and mortar location, you can host it in person. If not, host it on Facebook Live. Post whatever you will be raffling and make sure that it, along with the link, is shared throughout your following as well as on other social media sites. Instead of purchasing tickets, people should enter their contact info including their email address. It makes sense because they will need to be contacted if they win.

Give Something Away

Again, everyone loves free stuff. If you are great at something, create a “how to” article and convert it to an easily downloadable PDF. It doesn’t need to be a “how to” article; it can be anything of value that your readers will love. It can even be coupons for more products or services. Visitors will only need to enter their email to receive it.

There are hundreds of stupid simple ways to get people to opt-in. All it takes is a little creativity, a little research and a little effort on your part. Follow these five simple tricks, and you will constantly be adding contacts to your email list.

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