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5 Steps To Creating Titles That Nearly Force Customers To Click

In today’s world of digital marketing, people are bombarded with information. They are on information overload, and it can be difficult to garner attention with just a headline. Studies show that on average only about twenty percent of people who see a headline will read the article. So, what do you do? First, you must ensure that your SEO campaign is on point so that the twenty percent represents a large number. Next, you must craft a headline that grabs attention so those who see it can’t help but click on it. Its easier said than done but with a little effort and some research, you will be creating headlines that stop people in their tracks. Here are a few tips.

Invest In Your Headline

No, don’t try to purchase it. Too many people spend a great deal of time creating awesome and unique content that is worthy of a lot of attention. Then, they spend five minutes throwing a title together and can’t understand why nobody is reading the post. Now that you know eighty percent of readers never make it past the title, you can understand why it I so necessary to spend a little more time here. Do some research and put some effort into it.

Follow The Formula

The best formula for creating clickable titles is the 4U formula. Whether you’ve heard of it or not, there is no doubt you’ve probably clicked on some of the titles yourself. This is a simple yet powerfully effective formula. Learn it, know it, love it. The 4U formula states that each title created must be useful, urgent, unique and ultra-specific. It is not enough to just have one of these characteristics. If your title has all these attributes, it will garner the clicks you need.

Make It Useful

This is part of really knowing your audience and understanding what they need is critical for our overall digital marketing strategy. When people are browsing, they are typically looking for something. If you offer them something they can use in the title, they will click through to get it. Study your target audience and offer them something of value, something useful.

Urgency Promotes Quick Action

People are constantly bombarded with information, so it’s easy to ignore the things that aren’t time sensitive. Creating a sense of urgency allows you to take advantage of FOMO, or the fear of missing out. Nobody wants to miss out on a deal or on something good. People like excitement and urgency is excitement. Use it in your titles and people will click through.

Uniqueness Piques Their Interest

The rare and unusual is what typically goes viral. The digital landscape is oversaturated with information, and the best way to stand out is to stick out like a sore thumb. Use wordplay and stick together two things that would normally never go together. People love unique, and they will usually click through just to see exactly what’s going on.

Specific To Them

This goes back to the first point of understanding what will be useful to the target audience. You need to let them know exactly what they can expect from reading the article. Don’t just talk about the best fall colors in your title; tell them the article is about the 5 top lipstick colors for fall. It’s okay to use numbers in the title. It needs to be clear and concise all the way down to the details.

Creating a digital marketing strategy and creating awesome content consistently can be difficult.  But if you follow these five steps for creating your titles, people will click through to see what the post is about. It will be like they don’t have a choice not to click on the link. And ultimately, you’ll see the organic traffic start to pour in faster than ever before.

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