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5 Powerful Ways to Growth-Hack Your Business Blog

Did you know that creating a business blog is one of the smartest ways to grow your company? Or that business blogs can drive customers to your company long after social media posts have faded into the darkness of the internet?

Whether you are a small business owner trying to grow your solo venture or a startup trying to gain traction to impress investors, business blogging is an investment in the future of your company.

But how do you attract attention to your blog to make sure your investment of time was worth the effort? Adopting a growth hacking mentality towards blog promotion is a phenomenal way to build your reader base. Try the following five growth hacking tips for your company’s blog and watch your readership rate soar.

1) Turn some of your business blog posts into free e-courses.

Curate blog posts on a central theme and then package them into an e-course you offer at no cost via social media. Link to your blog within your e-course to drive learning participants to your blog posts. Not only are you providing a free learning resource to your target audience, but you are also helping to introduce potential customer to your blog at the same time. #Winning!

2) Use tools like and to automate your blog promotion.

Both of these fabulous resources offer plenty of automation hacks for WordPress, Blogger, and Medium blogs. Once you discover the power of automation for the distribution of your business’ blog, you’ll kick yourself for not automating your blog sooner.

3) Develop a detailed guest blogging strategy to drive readers back to your blog.

Conduct a web search for the phrase ‘guest post guidelines + your market sector’ to uncover websites in your niche that allow guest posts. If you find a site that will enable guests posts that also has a significant social media presence, you can potentially drive significant traffic back to your blog by connecting with their audience.

4) Create infographics to accompany your blog posts.

You can make your infographics embed-ready (  When you allow others to embed your infographics, you extend the reach of your blog posts. Each click on an embedded infographic takes the reader to your blog post as the source.

5) Quoting thought leaders within your industry is another excellent way to grow your business blog.

Embed the tweets of thought leaders within your blog posts and @ mention those industry influencers when you share your blog posts on social media. Chances are good your blog posts will be shared with the influencer’s social network.  This will, in turn, introduce your business blog to an entirely new audience.

Growth hacking your business blog is easy if you are deliberate in your actions. Create a strategic plan to attract new readers to your site.  Make it your mission never to miss a promotion opportunity. From your email signature to your landing pages, there are plenty of opportunities to promote your blog to potential readers.

The long-term return on investment of business blogging is huge. But you must put in the effort to grow your audience. Integrate these tips into your business blogging strategy, and you’ll be impressed with your blog’s growth rate.

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