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5 Fabulous Foolproof Ways to Turbocharge Your Business Blogging Creativity

Do you often find yourself at a loss for business blogging ideas? Do you struggle to discover topics to write about that your target customers will find engaging? Instead of rehashing the same tired topics, optimize your blog posts while creating content targeted to your customer base. Incorporate the following writing hacks into your business blogging strategy, and you just might be surprised at how quickly your inbound marketing funnel begins to fill.

Trait Posts

Creating trait posts is an awesome way to boost your SEO while offering informative content at the same time. Consider a top performer in your industry and the type of traits that help make them successful. Write a business blog post on five of the top traits you need to be successful in your industry or five traits customers should look for when trying to hire someone in your industry. The more helpful your blog post, the likelier it is it will be shared with your peers.

Industry Glossary

Search online for the term “glossary” and your market niche, e.g., plumbing + glossary. You will instantly find glossaries related to your sector. Select some terms from the glossaries you find and create a blog post about those terms, e.g., five plumbing terms every real estate buyer should know. Creating blog posts about terms related to your target market not only improves your SEO (search engine optimization), it can help introduce you to markets you hadn’t previously considered (real estate agents, real estate buyers, etc.). Once you start using this writing hack, you’ll be amazed at how many blogging ideas you’ll discover simply by reading industry glossaries.


Infographics are another way to discover blogging ideas for your business. Search Twitter for infographics related to your target customers or find top-rated infographics on See which infographics have high-engagement rates and consider whether you can create a blog post based on a specific idea contained in the infographic.

Pinterest Pondering

If you want to discover plenty of inspiration for your content marketing, peruse Pinterest for ideas. Type your industry into the search bar and add the word “ideas” and you will get overloaded with ideas you can write about on your business’ blog. Use caution with Pinterest for blogging inspiration; you might find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of ideas instead of focusing on writing new content for your blog.

BuzzSumo is a wonderful tool to use if you encounter writer’s block. Type in a keyword relevant to your customers on, and you will discover a cornucopia of creative writing ideas. There are many options to be found, and you just might discover enough blog post ideas for an entire month of business writing.


Once you integrate these five fool-proof writing tips into your content marketing strategy, you will wonder why you ever worried about business blogging ideas. There are multiple ways to overcome writing slumps; you just need to be creative in your approach to finding inspiration.

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