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10 Tips for TikTok Marketing in 2021

One of the most popular social media apps that younger audiences love today is TikTok, and that popularity continues. Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has developed into a platform attracting millions of users, including teens and adults. Unlike other social media outlets, TikTok is beneficial for attracting customers exclusively through engaging video content.

If you want your business to excel and reach millions of international consumers, you need to harness the power of TikTok marketing as you plan for 2021 and the years ahead. To help you reap the rewards of a highly developed TikTok marketing campaign in 2021, the following are some tips to give you some ideas to inform your strategies.

1. Encourage User-Generated Content

One powerful asset unique to social media is user-generated content (UGC), and TikTok is no exception. User-generated content on TikTok can consist of videos that feature customers using your products or services, adding a personal, genuine touch to how your customers can interact with your brand.

You can encourage user-generated content by sharing and featuring the content people create, creating contests, and increasing content creators’ exposure to your followers. In the process, you can benefit from free marketing to increase brand awareness and attract other users’ followers, turning them into your own followers and, eventually, customers.

2. Work with Influencers

Like other social media platforms, TikTok has attracted and continues to attract many popular influencers. To appeal to wider audiences and build more trust for your brand, working with influencers is necessary. Influencers may include known celebrities, including musicians and movie stars, or they may be people who’ve gained their fame exclusively through TikTok.    Having influencers promote your brand, products, or services can go a long way in persuading their audiences to buy from you.  Some of the more popular influencers can have millions of followers and demand hundreds of thousands of dollars for one post.

Suppose you don’t have the budget to work with major influencers like internationally recognized celebrities or users with millions of followers.  In that case, you don’t need to go for the most prominent names on TikTok. Instead, try to find relevant influencers with moderate followings or micro-influencers who have a local connection. Working with multiple smaller influencers can help you spread your budget to reach all of those users’ followers.

3. Create Hashtag Challenges Around Your Brand

Branded hashtag challenges can go hand-in-hand with other user-generated content, encouraging people to submit videos pertaining to and spreading a particular hashtag topic. Hashtag challenges can gamify and incentivize people to create as many as millions of videos and gain billions of views, all linking back to your brand.

For instance, you can create a hashtag that includes a specific task that people can perform with your products. You can then post a contest around that hashtag, rewarding people who create the most entertaining videos featuring people using your products to perform the hashtag action. Eventually, users’ followers will create their own videos until your hashtag could become a global sensation. People may even first hear about your brand through hashtag challenges, potentially making them invaluable for boosting brand awareness.

4. Post Videos Regularly to Build Anticipation

TikTok is a hub for short-form video content, which means that while it may not be quite like traditional TV, many people eagerly consume its content because it doesn’t require as much of their attention. Many users have also developed episodic series that draw the same level of devotion and anticipation as long-form content without the time commitment.

Certain topics and hashtags have avid followers that you can appeal to with your own regularly released content. The beauty of posting regularly on your end is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time on production to gain a loyal following. The more frequently you post engaging content that’s fun to consume, the more people will not only look forward to your next video but also recognize and trust your brand.

5. Use TikTok as an eCommerce Platform

TikTok is also a viable eCommerce platform in addition to a social media site. As of 2020, TikTok partnered with Shopify to extend Shopify store owners’ reach and boost sales via TikTok.

Through Shopify, you can manage nearly every aspect of your TikTok campaigns. You can produce and publish new content, and you can track and measure your campaigns’ performance by viewing relevant analytical data and metrics.

6. Create High-Quality Video Ads That Stand Out

Apart from videos posted on your channel or through influencers or other users, you could also use TikTok to push video ads. TikTok has plenty of guides to help you create and launch the perfect ad campaign on the platform. Regardless of your goals and the kind of reach you want to achieve, you can get the results you want with a well-planned video ad campaign and high-quality ads.

Together, video ads and all other video content types can help you take full advantage of TikTok’s video marketing capabilities.

7. Use Duets

Another fun way to get users involved in content creation is to use Duets. You can get started with duets by creating a video, which users can then duet using a side-by-side video as both play at the same time in a split-screen view. Using duets, brands can encourage users to sing along to a tune, mimic or parody the original video content, or otherwise put their unique spin on the content in the original.

8. Increase Engagement with Memes

Similar to any other social media platform, TikTok is a haven for many memes. Gen Zers and Millennials love creating and sharing memes on TikTok, which brands can also get into to create a buzz. If you want your brand to feel relatable and integrated with your audience, memes are a great way to illustrate your engagement with the community. You can alter existing memes to reflect your brand or try to create your own branded memes that have the potential to go viral.

9. Get Into Music Promotion

With the launch of the Stitch feature in 2020, a growing number of musicians are using TikTok to promote their latest releases. Stitch is an editing feature that enables users to recycle and repurpose existing content from other users for their own videos. People can use up to five seconds of a video and incorporate it into their own videos in a kind of remix, with the ability to add music to their videos from a massive library of songs in the app.

Since the introduction of Stitch and the growing music library, more musicians have begun to use TikTok to promote upcoming album releases, events, and merchandise. As a result, many businesses are also finding additional opportunities to get in on this trend and jump into music promotion to help boost their brands’ recognition.

10. Use TikTok Consistently to Boost Branding Efforts

The more regularly you use TikTok to promote your brand and engage with users, the more success you’re likely to experience on the platform. The more frequently you post and the more authentic your brand comes across, the better you’ll perform. You can share everything from fun videos featuring your products to “behind the scenes” videos featuring staff at work. If you want to appeal to younger generations from Generation Z to Millennials, TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to reach them.

As you develop your TikTok marketing strategy in 2021, keeping all of these aspects in mind can help you get the most from this platform. With a comprehensive campaign that incorporates influencers, user-generated content, and the many features offered on the platform, you’ll be able to use TikTok to connect with millions of users and complement the rest of your marketing efforts.

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